Slim's spore cloud broken, or nah?


Is it broken? For me I find it rather easy to see hunters in the cloud, others say it’s straight up broken and impossible. I can see cloaked Hunters and I think that helps. I’d like to see if people with or without the ability to see cloaked Hunters have this problem with the spore cloud. Is it broken, or nah?


I can see people easy since they are shooting at me, but either way its already getting fixed so you can see the healthbar of whoever you hit for a second, kind of like how it is with the cloak.


I know of that, I’m just wanting peoples opinion on this. I honestly think that the change isn’t necessary and that it should stay how it is.


Im perfectly fine with the change, but eiter way it doesnt bother me much.


Same. Now it’s just gonna make it easier.


broken? nah,

but it is disadvantageous to some more than others. without the gamma bs, one person who has a 50 inch hidef should not have an advantage over a 30 inch tv for example.

or PC screens and its resolution vs tvs for consoles. I for one do not want to adjust game settings to max brightness just to see through a characters abilities in game.

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I play on a 55in HD 120hz TV. Pretty sure that helps me out a lot. I don’t do the whole gamma shit because that’s cheating in my eyes.


im on a 40. and i think with hydes toxic nades or sunnys nuke is when i have the hardest time. my eyes catch the small floating particles so I start to not see where my target went lol.

but in a game where it only takes 2-3 slim heals to revive I dont like that i cannot see if i got a down. if i have full evolve meter i dont think it shows you down someone. or im just too focused on looking for my target to not see it lol.


You get a roar from whatever monster you’re playing that will notify you when you get a down.


huh never noticed XD


It’s really small.


I can usually track cloaked hunters, but spore cloud can totally fuck me. It is infinitely more powerful than cloak. So yeah, I think it needs some work. Cloak is predictable, the cloud is not.

  • It has no end time, it can be continuously spammed the entire game.
  • It is effective for ALL hunters, even more effective than cloak since it’s particles can obscure footsteps and creates a ton of noise on screen.
  • It’s source constantly changes position. You cannot keep track of “spored” hunters the way you can when they get near support.
  • It generally creates a “strobing” problem, where hunters are visible one moment, then appear in another location, only to turn invisible again the next moment, and be revealed elsewhere. I am not a machine, tracking all four hunters through this is very taxing.

I hope the upcoming talked about changes help, but it’s just a terribly designed ability that is very anti-fun and frustrating to play against.


The person who claims this the most is colorblind so it might very well be impossible for him

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The cloud isn’t supposed to make hunters invisible, but just make them less easy to spot


Try playing on a smaller monitor with low graphics settings. In the middle of a fight it’s essentially impossible. Or if you’re colourblind, etc. Spores are a bad concept because their effectiveness is entirely dependent on other things as opposed to actual skill.

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Why it was ever added I’ll never know. @MacMan even said in the development thread “Turns out players don’t find being blinded or visually disoriented fun.


yeah somehow as a hunter being disoriented is unfun. but its perfectly justified that a monster can be blinded…

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Yep, because don’t worry, it’s not fun for 4 people to be disoriented trying to shoot at something the size of a small house however it’s completely fine for something the size of a small house to be disoriented trying to destroy 4 people. Because logic.


i hate how i dont want to stage up either. stage 3 they become small dogs as goliath. bob is even worse.


You’re just as powerful S1 as you are S3. Only difference is more health, more armor, and a 4th ability.