Slim's Shotgun: Only center pellet leeching, other 7 just damage


Slim in his current stage is just broken. One aspect of it is his inconsistent healing. Against Behemoth it’s godlike, against Wraith, Gorgon and Kraken not so much. Obviously this is due to the spread of the shotgun which is very high at maximum firerate.
Instead of simply decreasing the firerate (by a lot), how about just having the center pellet of each shot absorb life energy and the other 7 do nothing but damage?

As you most likely have noticed, all the shotguns have 1 pellet that is pinpoint accurate and goes exactly where you aim. If that would be the only pellet that reduces the healburst cooldown, you can fire as fast as you want at a very small target. If you have good accuracy, you have the same healing output as if you fire at a big target.

So the pacing of your shots would affect just damage, not healing. More healing, less damage. More damage, less healing.

Obviously, that one pellet therefore should regenerate much more (about 4-5 times what a current pellet does).

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The problem is that Slim’s would just sit back as far as possible, and leech. Whereas now Slim’s want to get closer depending on the size of the monster.

A buckshot with healing scaled off of distance of the monster might would better. The size of the monster would not affect the effectiveness of the healing, but proper distancing and higher risk would pay off with more healing.


Which would be 30 meters away. You cant heal a focused target outside of that range. That is not that much.

Thats exaclty the problem, against Kraken, he cant get closer than standing directly under him, which is a very awkward angle to shoot from. Against Wraith and Gorgon you have to be terrifyingly close to not miss a whole lot of pellets. Their silouhetts are just too (pun incoming) slim.

With that, the healing would entirely depend on the Monster’s behaviour. And by default that would make Slim weaker against Kraken.


Don’t just stand in one spot when playing Slim. It’s not a bad idea to move around.


I disagree. The main reason is because complaining that the Leech Gun is more effective against 1 Monster over the others (vice versa) is like complaining that Val’s Medgun is too easily cut off by BOB’s Rock Wall.

Certain characters will just be better picks against certain Monsters. It’s just the way it is.


It’s definitely an interesting idea.
I see two sides here.
For gameplay, it strips away a LOT of the skill required by Slim players. He already has AoE healing so he would, in one change, become the easiest medic to play no doubt. It also takes away the core of Slim away: more damage, more healing, beat that. He even says it for chrissake.
For balance. Boy o boy. This would do so much for balance. Slim would do equally good at all levels and against each monster. It’d be great. Not only that, but his healing output would be equally effected at all levels by means of a micropatch.

But at what cost? It’s the age old question of gameplay vs balance imo.


But does it have to be?
No. Those would be the words of a quitter. There’s a solution, we just have to find it. I’m tired of this “that’s just the way it is” mindset.

Guess I’m feeling optimistic today.


Actually, he only says it when shooting and amped Monster. Which makes his statement somewhat inaccurate. Though it suggests that healing was dependent on damage rather than pellets an earlier build. (Same with Sunny and her “sticky” grenades)


No that’s fine. But for every Hunter to play evenly against every Monster means they basically all have to play the same and that is boring.

Ideally you should be able to win with any character against any Monster, you may have to use slightly different tactics but it shouldn’t be an auto-loss if you pick one over another.


I think certain hunters will always be better vs certain monsters and that’s fine but it’s to what degree they’re better. Personally I think all hunters should be viable no matter what the monster. The team of hunters is a different matter but individually I think they should be as close as possible.

Saying they will have to play the same isn’t correct because of how different all the hunters are. If laz and val are viable vs all monsters does that mean val is going to be playing like laz does? No, of course not.

It’s also terrible for Hunt as you have no idea who is picking what.


I wish they would implement something into Ranked and Quickplay, so that the Hunter’s pick Medic and Trapper, or Medic Support, Monster sees their pick, then picks. Then the remaining Hunter’s see the Monsters pick and pick their choices, like in the tournaments. Would be a fun addition. :smile:


A problem with having everybody being equally good against everybody would mean characters would need to change drastically.

The trappers for instance. Stasis and harpoons can never work the same and because of this it will have differing effects on different monsters and their skills.

For all characters to be equal those would need to have the same effect.