Slim's kit doesn't synergies, remove green lines from Leech Gun


What’s the point of Spore Cloud if his Leech Gun gives away his position?


really… Yeah it’s not like it’s extremely hard to see the hunters and that at least gives you some sort of reference point to balance out slim.


Because Spore Cloud is just supposed to confuse the Monster player and not make Slim invisible?


To save your teammates and disorient the monster, if you make hunters any harder to see in that damnable cloud then its gonna be GG every game


If you don’t want to be seen right off the bat, keep him in spoes; and don’t use your shotgun until you’re in a safe position.


Balance. The monster loses his HUD but still can mitigate the source.


The green effects on the leech gun are to symbolize that you are taking health away from the monster, I think they’re fine.


I will literally throw my PC out my window if this happens, It is hard enough to deal with him as is, especially if you have a sunny on your team.


Can I watch?


Its a built in weakness so monster won’t cry SLIMS OP HE TURN INVISIBLE PLEASE NERF!
but it seems we were wrong to assume that the monsters were intelligent


Ouch, only some monsters complain, hurt muh feels ;-;


I was teasing :wink:


Yay no more sad panda


No need for him here :wink: