Slim's jetpack bug


Namely his Jetpack.
It’s still taking fuel like the jetpack was doing prepatch after you double jump. It might not be slim only some of the other T4 hunters might have the same bug.


What platform are you on?

This may seem like a stupid question, but have you played online since the patch was released?


I am on PC and yes I do nothing but play the game. the ones I play with has the same bug.

EDIT: It seem to work fine in solo tho. But every online game I have played Slim this bug has been present.


This is a known issue, and should be fixed in the next patch.


You da real mvp, Majorlee ;W;


Note: Not confined to T4. Happened to me today when I was playing Caira.

And I think the jetpack still recharges slowly, so it doesn’t regain its faster charge speed.