Slim's Healing Drone going THROUGH dome


I have no idea if this was intended, however, it seemed strange that the bug would get destroyed when it hits the dome and instantly reappear at its target This is without staying next to the dome. Go ahead and correct me but it just seemed strange to be allowed to heal outside of the monsters reach without the need for the hunters do to anything but not get focused for a few seconds :worried:


Every heal goes through dome.

Ok except beams.


Its not easy to not get hit once for a few seconds especially not against abilities like firebreath


dude the bug can travel the entire map in a few seconds, that’s nothing xD


It does not travel, it teleports to the player.


In other words, they won’t be healed at all.


O well, just had to make sure that it wasn’t something broken or BUGGED (da dum tisk)… I just thought of those bad monsters getting destroyed since they can’t hurt Slim and can’t aim for shit to get the drone :confused:


It’s intended. Not sure if they changed it for Stage 2, but Slim’s been able to send a drone to people through scenery (mountains, cliffs, walls, buildings) since Legacy.


You don’t have to aim at the drone. Any ability or melee that hits the hunter will break it. It is pretty useless against a focused hunter. Wont heal at all.


Just going to move this from “Bugs” to “Hunters; Medic” because his bug is very much allowed to pass in and out of the dome.


But it is a bug! A bug with wings! :sweat_smile:


They’d get destroyed by a solo hunter then too?