Slim's healing bug has increased Healing Rate if you lvl it up but not Val's medgun?


When I played Evolve for the very first time I was expecting I’d get a better heal rate as I lvled up the medgun, instead it came with Capacity. Since the mechanic is there I’d replace the %10 Capacity with %10 Healing Rate.


Val’s Medgun needs to heal faster, period. Then capacity might be worthwhile (especially since the balance patch that reduced capacity). They made it heal “faster” but it’s still laughably slow compared to Caira, who can also heal multiple Hunters and herself. Doesn’t make a lot of sense that Val’s single target healing is slower than Caira’s group healing.


In some other thread about the exact same issue there was a statement , that it’s problematic to balance the single target heal. If they would increase the rate of healing it would become impossible to kill the targets, if they don’t get one-shot. On the other end… if the aoe heals would get toned down, they would become too insignificant. But thats just something i picked up… Vals tranq dart is (similar to slims spore cannon) meant to reduce the monsters dmg output to make up for the lower healing… But in my opinion monsters have too many ways to overcome the lower movement speed in battle. When chasing the monster thats a totally diffrent situation.

So why don’t they make the tranq dart actively reduce the monsters dmg? that would really make up for the aoe heal…


I don’t think Caira’s AOE heals really need to be toned down so much as I think they most definitely could balance single target healing so that it’s not pitiful without outhealing Monster DPS (which is insanely high). The point is you need to be able to keep people alive in any other situation than they’re being completely focused and can’t avoid damage. If they get hit by an attack then dodge another, you should be able to heal most of the damage fairly quickly (like Caira can). If they’re stuck against a wall being focused, you aren’t gonna be able to heal them faster than they can be damaged anyway unless healing is silly high.

Val’s healing was already increased by something like 20% I think and healing still ticks at a glacial pace compared to Caira tossing out a few healing grenades. She’s still not viable as a Medic competitively. Caira’s advantages should be group healing & self healing, not healing rate. With all the ways a Monster can damage and kill a Hunter, specifically focusing down the Medic first, the Medic should be worth a lot when they’re alive. Val is only effective as a healer when the Monster spreads the damage around or healing an Assault through personal shield.


No. I like it being capacity cuz that’s the part they ruined.


You have a Capacity perk, there is no Heal Rate perk. You’re still holding R2 for too long or w/e button you’re using to maintain the medgun on one.


I don’t use capacity perk cuz I need jetpack. Too long? How the hell else am I supposed to heal someone?


I agree, increased healing rate would be infinitely more useful than capacity increase.


Not, you’re not healing viable enough compared to Caira and you’re barely using the rest of your kit.


No. Stop. I know how to Val. Played tons of old Val and never had a real problem.


That’s odd, that’s why she still doesn’t get chosen at tournaments and why TRS keeps buffing her. No problem here and nice argument. You remind me of a friend who said the same, he has over 400 deaths and 180 wins with Val.


Wait. Deaths? Did you mean deaths or loses? Cuz you know hunter deaths mean nothing. I mean I don’t think loses mean much but they mean a hell of alot more then deaths.


Why don’t they just have the damage perk buff her healing? Just a thought


That is an excellent idea.


Seconded. Even a small 10% or 15% damage reduction by the Tranq would make a pretty good difference.


Damage reduction tranq’s, sounds interesting.


I believe raising the court would be more interestinh than toning down Caira.


I use reload and recharge for val. Works well for me. She’s even better with hank.