Slim's healing bug doesn't work all the time


I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, I’ve just started to play as Slim recently. I play on Xbox One. Left bumper releases the bug on someone. I guess I have to point my crossair at the person I want to throw the bug at, no matter if they are near or far, and press the left bumper.

The problem is, sometimes it simply doesn’t work. I press the left bumper, but the bug doesn’t stick to that person. I know it takes a few seconds for the bug to fly and reach the person, but I wait and nothing. I also know if someone is with the bug and takes damage, they lose the bug. But sometimes, nothing like this happens, no damage taken by the person, I place the bug on them, and nothing happens. I have to press the left bumper again and then it works. Any explanation? Any tips?


Either your dealing with a bug of some sort or you are sending it at far targets which takes a longer time for the bug to reach a target proportional to distance.


Someone moved this post to the bugs section, so I’m inclined to say it’s another bug in the game.

@Void_omega, that is not the case. I place the bug on someone and wait for a long time, nothing happens. Then I try again, it takes maybe a couple of seconds for it to reach its destination and now it works. Sometimes it doesn’t work the 1st time, I don’t know why.


Well, since it does seem to be a bug, i recommend submitting information on it using this so that it can get logged by the devs.


Okey dokey, I just filed the report. :healingdrone: