Slim's fire rate


did they reduce slim’s fire rate recently it just feels slower than it used to. I don’t know why but it just does. Even when I’m rapidly hitting the fire button he will only fire at a certain rate. I feel like it used to be better. I was just wondering if they had hot fixed him recently or something. But then again it could all just be in my head. I did lose a lot tonight.


Yeah…Could’ve sworn it used to be faster…


I’ve noticed a drop too… I swear I was able to use bursts more than I can now.
I stopped playing Slim, because he didn’t seem as viable as he first did. I was tanking a stage 1 Behemoth before. Now he drops me like a rock on him. Totally not worth it as a medic IMO.

Even using Reload Speed, you feel slow.


I agree. I knew they reduced his damage but I feel his fire-rate is also much lower than pre-patch Slim


Aye, I’m not sure he can compete too well. Gotta make good use of those spore clouds to stand a chance.


Oi I noticed it to


yeah so i guess i’m right then well in that case he now feels totally useless. Why did they do that I wonder. I mean he already had to get so close to the monster just to shoot and you were only able to use your spore cloud launcher when you weren’t in combat. During a stage 3 fight you had to heal burst constantly. The nerf doesn’t make sense. If turtle rock keeps doing this all the hunters are just going to be lame. First they over nerfed Markov and now this.


and i thought that was only in my mind


Yeah, it is definitely slower…


Why didn’t the devs said anything about this? :rage:


same reason they didnt tell anyone that sniffin is stupidly easy to hear now


God I thought it was just me but if everyone is feeling it it might just be true. Would help explain why slim seems so useless for keeping people up.