Slim's Double Gun Bug (Video Included)


Platform: Xbox One

I was playing as Hyde originally, and our medic rage quit after going down. I took the medic over as soon we landed, and then this happend-


It’s like the double pistol glitch.


Not really a glitch, because it isnt game breaking, just a little visual bug. :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah, allot like that.


Glitch is just another word for a bug. It can be game-breaking or an exploit or just a weird bug.


It can be humorous at times.


Fair enough. Its just a personal thing i suppose. In my mind, a glitch is like, being able to get on top of the map, and shooting down, or being able to see kraken through the whole map. A bug is just a little quirk in the code that made something strange happen. I didnt really mean to correct you :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, those ARE glitches. It’s usually associated with exploits or things that break the gameworld, but technically glitch just means an unintended fault in a system or software same as a bug. They usually have weird visual representations, that’s why I thought of it.