Slim's burst spammed too quickly, with no recharge time!?!?!?


I’ve just played as Behemoth against a team of 4 humans. One of them was someone playing as Slim and I found very weird how he spammed the healing burst so fast.

How did he do it? Was he cheating? Or was it just a game bug? Or is it normal? I didn’t buy Slim so I’m not experienced in playing as him but I hope people who have lots of experience playing as Slim can shed some light on this weird issue. I’ve played against many Slims before but have never seen something like this.

Here, the link to a part of my gameplay:

Between 0:34 and 0:40 he spams the burst 6 times!!!

Between 0:34 and 0:36, he spams the burst 3 times and you can clearly not hear 1 single leech shotgun shot in that interval (to speed up the recharging). He doesn’t shoot the leech gun 1 time, how can he spam the burst 3 times in just 2 seconds???

Between 0:52 and 0:53, he spams the healing burst 2 times, you can’t hear the leech gun shooting between 0:52 and 0:53. How did it recharge so quickly?


You still killed him…


Yep, that’s slim.

They changed his healburst in the last update and it’s much quicker now. Not really a bug, but the devs are aware that they might have changed it too much.

The leech gun works in a way, that you shoot the monster and then those small green lines go back to him. So the healburst doesn’t recharge as soon as he hits the monster, but as soon as the leeches come back to him. That means, if he hit you with enough pellets, his healburst keeps filling up while he is reloading.
He probably also ran capacity perk, so he got even more healbursts per clip.

One time I saw him jumping towards you. It’s like moving your hand up and down under the shower head. If you go against the water flow, many more drops hit your hand than if you hold still.
So, when slim jumped towards you, his healburst recharged even quicker.

No bug. No cheat. That’s slim :slight_smile:


Doesn’t seem strange to me.

Slim’s always been good at outhealing the damage Behemoth inflicts on his teammates.
Focus him however… and RIP Slim.


Oh, I see. If there was a recent update, that explains why now it recharges so much faster.


A very accurate Slim can do what you just saw, especially with a behemoth since he is a easy target. Its what Slim should have been since day one.


Can you redirect me wherever they said that the cool down buff was too much? If anything this made him a little more viable in terms of self sustain.


That makes sense, since Behemoth is the biggest monster, biggest target.


I’ve been looking for the thread about said update, with the exact values, but no luck yet.


Well when you find it please do share it on here, if they nerf that back its going to be horrible since that cool down beats the purpose of the leech gun. He should NOT be losing any of his leeches because of that cool down.


It took me a while to find the post, but yea, I can.
Keep in mind, nothing is set in stones yet. They might do something with the healing burst or something with the leech gun. Or something completely different.
Or they just leave him how he is now ^^

Anyway, here’s the quote:


Well they basically confirmed he will be getting a nerf next patch, most likely a healing nerf too, really disappointed in that lol


Well that’s unfortunate. I really don’t think he warrants a nerf; at my level of play he’s just actually become viable and his self sustain is still terrible to the point that if he’s played without regular Hank, he will die to a good monster with no issue whatsoever.

And that frequency of healing is realistically only going to be achieved against a lower skill level monster or potentially a Behemoth, due to less monster mobility and mitigation. Slim still struggles against a good Kracken, or any monster using hit and run tactics well can give him issues as well.


Its ridiculous, especially since patch 9.0 from what I’ve seen is going to buff all monsters. This game might be really monster favored after that and thats going to make me step away from the game.


If you look at his healing output against a behemoth, then he really deserves a nerf. Slim can basically outheal a stage 3 behemoth and his teammates don’t even need to dodge anything.

They need to make him equally strong against all monsters. That means, nerfing him against behemoth and buffing him against kraken.
Maybe increase the number of shots for a healburst from 2 to 3 (I put some random numbers here) but reducing the spread.
That wouldn’t make him less viable, just more balanced than he is now.


It does takes him 3 shots for a heal burst…and he can’t out heal a behemoth. He could keep his team alive but he still needs a Hank and whatever they decided Is might make him unviable since they take nerfs too far almost all the time.


Why though? The game is somewhat designed around certain hunters and monsters doing better against other monsters or hunters than others. Whether or not it was intended, that is the state and balance of the game, and short of drastically changing the kits of certain hunters, perfect balance will not be achieved.

Even then I don’t believe your statement is necessarily accurate. Slim does naturally do better against the Behemoth, but that doesn’t mean that the Behemoth doesn’t have tools in his kit to deal with Slim. If he positions himself well, then a simple Rock Wall is all that will be needed to stop his heals, and if he isolates a hunter with the Rock Wall as well, then the hunter is most likely as good as dead.

The video example above even demonstrates this: Slim is able to get those 6 heal bursts because he is close enough to be accurate enough to get the 3 heal burst per clip maximum. Then what happens? Someone goes down despite the healing output, the incapped hunter immediately gets Rock Walled off, and Slim is forced to over commit to get line of sight to heal and is also killed immediately.


Behemoth is a big target so Slim can usually get more healing bursts than against other monsters. No different to Torvals players who find it easier to land mortars against Behemoth.

Slim is finally in a decent place right now and I’m finally seeing people use him in hunt. If he gets another nerf he probably won’t be used yet again.


I’m not sure as I’m too lazy to watch the video and I can’t currently but if you’re on PC there is a hack that gives no cool down.


Yea I really hope they nerf defensive supports instead of slim because he really isn’t any type of OP he may have the highest healing output of any medic. But he deserves every ounce of it because of the risk that any slim medic must take in order to achieve optimal healing

To use slims healing potential to the max you literally need to be less than 15 meters from the monster. No other medic is forced into the heat of battle.