Slims bug with everybody having health regen still useful?


With everybody having passive health regen how useful is Slim’s bug? He was only good when the person wasn’t focused at the moment. But if he isn’t focused, passive HR sets in, right?

The whole character Slim seems in need of a redesign. Spore Cloud is a little bit useless now, too…

As a Slim you got to do so much at the same time. Spore Cloud should have a large cooldown and work as some kind of a buff zone for the hunters (movement speed, DR, DI, whatever). So it’s not spammable and won’t impair the monster on its senses.
The healing bug could give sb. a quick healing burst and then go away (like a heal dart). It would have a decent cooldown.


Yeah, Slim is a character I feel just doesn’t really belong in the game anymore. A few variable tweaks won’t fix that.
The Spore Cloud cannot be made useful without making it toxic. And it does need to be toxic for Slim to be even worth using (and thus giving up his healing output for), since its his only chance at staying alive.

But the Healing Drone I feel would be fine with a simple 25% stronger healing or something. Using it in combat is still very important and it’s what separates good Slim players from bad Slim players who don’t utilize that Healing Drone enough in the heat of a battle.