Slims bug UI improvement


Hello, I would like a more clear UI marker for slims bug, when it’s on a downed member, or on someone who’s alive. It can be really hard to see if it’s on people at times. Especially when it’s on a downed member. Spruce it up a bit. :blush:


How does that affect what we see in our UI?
I am asking for a more clear “THIS person has the bug on him now”. Because as Slim, I find it very hard to notice who has it as well as when you place it on someone. It doesn’t instantly take who you had in target. It allows you for switches and at times it can be hard to place it correctly when members stack and I can’t be sure. But I think I’ve had instances where I placed it on someone further away but it got placed on someone near me.

So what I am asking is for Slim as the hunter, to be able to see more clearly where the bug goes and who it is on. Maybe add a little bug on the UI down in the left corner as well to see who it is on. Make the icon a bit bigger or more clearly who it is on.


i see you’re right


I agree, we need something to tell us that the bug ‘has landed’ or is off a hunter. Playing Slim is a little chaotic at times and you cannot keep track of every bug that you send. A simple icon that it is on would really help. I cannot keep looking at a downed hunter to check if he got 1 point of damage that killed the drone. Sometimes the drone lands but doesn’t heal. Sometimes it just removes itself. I dunno, it could use some work.


Yep, maybe a personal callout like Gobi. To avoid people hating Slim like they hate Crow because he always shouts “Gobi this, Gobi that!”. So the call would be only for Slim, like “bzz bzz” type of deal. :sunny: