Slim's belt buckle


It’s practically identical to Hyde’s. Not sure if that’s just coincidence since you know… Mutagen wars… I dunno, it was just a little interesting to me is all =)
He also at one point called his scent masking 'nade a “Stink bomb”- like Hyde with his 'nades.
Off subject, I can’t wait to see how the old hunters interact with the new ones ;w;


What is it with people and Slims pants and pant accessories?


We just want to see whats underneath. Does the carpet match the decor and all


… are you an oddfuture fan


Yes but that’s not where I got my name from, it’s my nickname in life


i use wolf alot too even before i knew OF


Ya odd future just made my nickname that much cooler when they got big so I’m happy with it haha


how do i make a thread


On the main screen there is a button for “New Topic”.


…Excuse me does anybody know where I can buy some mind bleach?


Slim would tell you if his pants weren’t in the way


…Alright, goodbye.

By the way, let’s try and keep this around the level of integrity we have now, hmm? Wouldn’t want it to end up on the wrong end of a moderator’s itchy finger…


Well, Hyde did fight during the mutagen wars. Maybe it’s some kind of souvenir from Bode’s World.


Alright? Just having fun is all. It’s not like i swore or anything.


No no, not at all! You’re all fine. Just a friendly reminder so that we never get to that level. :slight_smile:


Oh man, I sleep for 11 hours and come back to this? THESE ARENT THE RESPONSES I HAD IN MIND D:
No but really, it just struck me as odd when I realised the two have the same belt buckle… I need to think on this. ;_;


Yeah…you need to be careful around here.

They’re like sharks…


Errrr…maybe some people just love his fashion sense and want tips.