Slime Rancher Now Free on Epic Games Store


As title says, the game is free for a limited time and looks quite fun for any age.

I took it, question is when I’ll ever get the chance to play it.


It is indeed quite fun for all ages. My lil’ sis and myself love it :smile:
Just a bunch of wholesome and happy fun all around, I personally recommend it.


Agreed with Bob, it’s an amazing game to just sit back and relax with. It’s cute, mellow and not hard but still engaging.

I personally would grab it on steam at a discount, but that’s just me being cynical towards the epic store, so please don’t mind that >.>


X - Accept a free gift
O - Buy the discounted game on steam

But … why, what’d Epic do to you to make you buy a game that’s currently free


Heh I already have it because it was free awhile ago with Xbox live gold.


I already had the game, so no worries there.

That said, I’m not a fan of the Epic Games Store. Without derailing this thread too much, the combination of missing features (including, in my opinion, the bare minimum such as cloud saves), crappy support, and questionable marketing choices (the new Metro being a timed exclusive) makes me stay clear of it. I’ll stick to steam for now, and Origin/ when needed.