Slim Weapon Swaping: Why aren't people smart enough to figured it out yet?


Use the damn sporegun in between reloads and heal burst. The spores were given to you for a reason. Your healz are pathetic your spore cloud stops the monster from smelling while inside the spore could,

Why haven’t you people put two and two together and use them in harmony?

Since I learnt this, I haven’t need to use the reload perk anymore. Even in pubs. I’ve instead have gone with more super effective perks that aid surviving like Movement Speed and Jump Height.
Jump height seem to be doing the best for me right now, aids traversing through the map magnificently. And during those “Oh shite!” moments you just jump up and bzz bzz away to safety, monsters have a real damn hard time finding you if you are in the air and they can easily loose track of you.

The required pallets to be landed on a monster to get a health burst is sufficient enough to get one and a third of healbursts.

  • First four shots should give one healthburst
  • The remaining three or four shots should give your healthburst up to 80% or so.
  • Instead of reloading, swapping to the spore launcher and putting a spore cloud out is faster then having the leechgun reload. By the time your spore cloud is up, your health burst meter WILL BE FULL!
    Leaving you to start the super effective and annoying(for the monster) cycle all over again



Because that makes it too hard for the monster :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just a correction, two direct hits (where all the pellets land) will fully recharge your heal burst, not four.


On hyper movement monster I usually get three or four on Kraken. On behemoth lol, two and spores all day long.


Too bad I don’t need any help with Slim. Me gusta mucho. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m all for trying to help other people get good with him though. He’s sort of tricky at first but once you get the rhythm down, he can be pretty damn effective.


Because I get dropped into Slim and I can’t do all that hotswapping jazzel D: I didn’t even wanna be medic! :sob: It’s just that it was the only slot empty until the next round where I can be trapper or monster OTL… I’m sorry :cry:


He’s freakin’ brilliant. As long as you can position yourself and aim.


And therein lies a lot of your problems with pubs.


Unfortunately my play schedule is a bit erratic for a set group so pubs is where I live. ;_;

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Like Caira voice in the tutorial said, “Find that sweet spot” :wink:


best with bushes, where you can hide.
Spore on monster => Jump in, with 1 heal, + 2-4hits, another heal, keep shooting for the 3rd heal if youre lucky. if not, switch to spore + 1-2 spores depends on monster’s location.
+additional - if monster cant find your teamates, (most of them almost full health), then keep sporing, + some leech/heal.

Then locate any running/hiding hunter with low health -> send a bug -> switch back to leech gun- repeat…

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