Slim Valkryie skin 2.99


I was checking out the store and saw Slim’s valkryie skin priced is this incorrect?


Maybe it is


It’s correct

My favorite skin for slim … looks pretty good


Why a dollar more than all other dlc character skins


What platform?


Arent they all 2.99?


xb1. No they’re not


They are 1,99 of I remember correctly


It could be a platform thing. For whatever reason Sony charges $6.99 for the Phoenix skin pack when it’s supposed to be $4.99 like all the others, so it’s actually cheaper to buy them seperately on PS4.


Yeah it’s weird I checked Emet/Kala 1.99 while Slim/Torvald 2.99


I believe it depends on the loadout of a character.
It’s cheaper if they have less weapons that are being reskinned, like Emet using his hand, Kala using her hand, Caira having one gun, etc.

At least, that’s what I believed when I see different prices. I could be wrong though.


Interesting. merely being the hand doesn’t make sense though because what about torvald?


On the Xbox store skins for DLC hunters are more expensive than default character skins. Don’t know why though…


Well T5 hunter skins are less expensive than T4


No I was under the idea that dlc characters skins cost more than base game characters.


It seems to vary its weird