Slim updates

True, though it would be nice if ‘non-viable’ hunters would work on something other than low-lvl monsters. Even an average monster laughs at a team comp with Bucket/Cabot/Slim in it.

so would i because i’d wonder how they ha bucket cabot and slim on the same team

I did not know it was un-proportionate, i’m sorry I’m a dummy :open_mouth:

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most medics are like this in their healing methods. you simply didnt know thats all.

Now that I read the patch that will be coming, I think it will be enough. Although I agree that the burst should be a constant number for himself and the other hunters.

whats funny is that his healing has always been buffed.

basically, his self-healing probably needs to be 215-230

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Just him as it effects no other medic but him.

i figured it would be just him, but i thought i’d ask as the delay is kinda odd to begin with (prob an animation thing). lol

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I certainly hope this will make him better off, but I doubt it. if anything I think it’ll make him a tad worse. although the .5 delay is a good change.

I don’t think this will help much really, but only time will tell.

I like getting rid of the 1/2 second delay. This is a good thing, but I am not fond of full auto. Doesn’t seem like it would feel like the same character. Still, I will trust the devs’ judgement on this one. If it’s better, then it’s better. Only time will tell.

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The .5 delay will help a lot I think, but then to compensate they lowered his overall healing capability while making it slightly easier to use.

not sure about his change.

You know what I mean. A hunter comp with one of those hunters in it is just… eh…

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Well, it means no more shots are wasted. I always waited for the cooldown anyways because I knew it was there and never used it during cd, but lots of others don’t know that and ended up losing healing capacity because of it. It’ll help newer or less experienced players, but it won’t make any difference to those of us that know how to use him. Only thing I dislike is full auto. Don’t like it on any gun except Assault and Support. I would be fine if all the guns were semi-auto except utility weapons (damage amp, booster, etc.). Don’t even truly care about fire rate decrease, but I’ll miss furiously pulling the trigger/clicking the mouse to heal. It was kind of novel for him because it was unique.

I don’t want it goen, it’s because of that that I adjusted my mouse and keyboard controls so that I could do it more effectively without having to spam 4 all the time.

For TU08 it’s just Slim. I wanted to look into the other medic’s heal burst duration but I felt like I would need more time to tune them. I frequently use the .5 second duration to get in range of hunters or to hit one more hunter with the burst that was out of range initially. I wanted to look into how removing that would affect players who do this and if increasing the range of heal burst (specifically for the 15m range heal burst) would zero sum the change.


I just changed it to the “F” key so I didn’t have to stretch my hand while kiting. Thinking about switching it to one of my extra mouse buttons I don’t use, though, so my right controls all my healz.

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I have it as right mouse button and aim is now shift :stuck_out_tongue: I got used to it and really really like it.

I got way too used to right mouse button being ADS to switch it now. Even changed my other games to match.

Slim is back! I can get more heal bursts now and the healing comes faster! Nice Job TRS!
The capacity perk works the best for me, but maybe Dmg reduction would be better.

The half a second is a good start but really sad to not see a self heal increase. I guess they want to see if the auto and half second removed makes an improvement but still hoping for a real buff!