Slim updates


Will Slim be getting any changes other than the change to auto shotgun? I ask this because his self heals during a heal burst is ridiculously low. Really like him playing with him but really not currently viable imo.



+ Leech Gun is now fully automatic
- Reduced firing rate

All in all I consider them changes, not a general buff.
Fully automatic is a nice change but reducing the fire rate counters that and, despite all the data I’ve seen and explanation they gave during the stream, makes Slim no better if not an even worse choice for the Slim players that had no problems with reaching the maximum trigger rate manually.

I guess we’ll see. In my opinion he still needs an actual buff that isn’t immediately accompanied with a nerf to “compensate”.


They removed the .5 sec depletion time on the healburst. That is an actual buff, as you won’t lose any leeches anymore.

Is it 3 shots for a healburst atm? I’m not sure. Now imagine one of them vanish into nothing because of the healburst depletion time. That means it’s basically 4 shots for a healburst.
After the update it’s going to be 3 shots no matter what.

I’m definitely looking forward to testing this. So far it sounds like a good change.


i guess they also adjusted the spread.


it’s 2.2 shots of the leechgun. and that .2 will probably be from the normal class reload


Didnt the fire rate decrease from 240 p/m to 210? So thats… 12.5% slower fire rate.

We shall see if it can bring slim a bit better. For me it wont matter much, since high-skilled monster can see just as well while in a spore cloud (and since the matchmaking pretty much puts me only vs the best monster players for some reason…)


So, since the leech gun will be automatic will the amount of distance I am from the monster effect how many leeches I get?

Or with this new change I have to be next to it?


I love that his leech gun will be automatic! When he first came out, he could fire so fast. Then they changed him, and you had to, as Cory said, “get a rythm”, in order to fire quickly at all. Now it’ll do it automatically? I’ll take that.


It still gets less accurate when you shoot quickly.
So, hold the trigger when you are close and fire single shots when you are far.


slim currently can get up to 57 healbursts in a dome with no mastery/perks/buffs

with the decrease in fire rate, it becomes 53 healbursts


Nice data but Slim already sucks this buff/non-buff wont do anything to get people to go him!


Slim buffs are neat. I really hope they can fix up the spore clouds. Not being able to see anything at all cause of the color of his spore making everything blend with the environment sucks. Hurts my eyes!


But that 53 will be easier to achieve thanks to the HB duration change :stuck_out_tongue:


whats funny is that his self healing is barely below caira


Yea, but Caira’s is reliable. Slim needs the flesh that he can shoot and if the monster is hitting him he will be more interrupted than Caira.


Caira heals an Alt-Heal of 38. Slim is 34. this is her grenades vs slim’s leech powered healbursts.

so the main difference would be that caira STILL has healburst.


I think everyone is underestimating what that .5 second change will do. To be fair, I did as well. It may not look like anything at first glance but that is a .5 second cooldown reduction and all leeches now properly reduce Slim’s heal burst cooldown. The amount of shots that weren’t reducing Slim’s cooldown were around 2-3 shots per reload, depending on distance. The change made him uncomfortably strong and he will likely get hit the next patch.

Slim's burst spammed too quickly, with no recharge time!?!?!?
Slim's burst spammed too quickly, with no recharge time!?!?!?

great to hear.

however, was that .5 change for everyone or just him?


I think a good idea is that his burst gives him a charge of personal shield, that way the burst is a consistent heal. The shield could either only go to a certain threshold, so as to not make it too strong. That or it can go to full potential, being the same size as his health bar, and deteriorate over time, that way it is useful in the moment.