Slim too weak?


Right now Slims Spore Cloud and heal feels really weak, maybe im just bad but its really hard to keep up in teamfights compared to other healers.

What do you guys think about Slim?


Slim requires a lot of skill yes. If you are capable tough, he can be a really good healer.


But the problem is if all other healers simply outshine him in his role, i just want all healers to be equal!


Some medics excel more at single target healing (like Val and Caira), while others shine at healing multiple targets at once (like Slim and Rogue Val). And some medics have a higher skill ceiling than others. It’s just the way it is sadly


Just out of curiosity, what do you think about the Spore Cloud?


From what I have seen, it seems pretty useless now. I had a suggestion to make the current spore cloud more…effective. I have yet to make a thread about it.


It has its uses. But not his strongest part of the kit, that’s for sure


Do you think its even worth using?



I am the wrong person to be asking, I am going off from gameplay video not first hand experience. I would ask someone who “mains” Slim and a adept monster player :slight_smile:


tagging @curly the best Slim I have ever seen :open_mouth:


Thank you :slight_smile:


shut The Heck…

i honestly havent played much since the update cuz overwatch n stuff. i got a 12 streak as him yesterday but i feel those were mostly against newer players so i rly… can’t say anything here i feel. on higher play he’s probably not that good but he’s still 100% adorable. his spores should probably get replaced tho.


Many people argued the spore clouds were useless before they were recently changed, so I can only imagine that the latest change made them even worse.


Spore clouds don’t seem to do much in my experience. I set up overlapping areas and the monster always finds me quickly and bears down on me without impunity. If it effects him beyond being able to press right click and highlight people it’s beyond me.

As for his healing, I honestly think the drone could use some work. If it didn’t disappear after a single hit or if it revived faster he’d have a fun niche. I love how you can target someone long distance through walls though, good for chasing the monster and healing.


I used to like slim alot back when his spore cloud was good.