Slim - Tier 3 Spore Cloud Mastery?


So, I’m getting close to completing the mastery challenges on all the hunters and I’m stuck on this one challenge for Slim. I have his Leech Gun and Healing Drone at elite but I just can’t seem to get his Spore Cloud Launcher mastery done.

The challenge requires you to hit the monster with the Spore Cloud Launcher and then revive teammates 10 times. I’ve tried doing this in Rescue, as that plan has been successful with all the other “revive x teammates” mastery challenges, but it’s not going so well. Once the survivors are downed, the monster just keeps focusing them until they’re dead, leaving me no room to go in and revive them. Slim’s spore clouds also only last a few seconds, so it makes the challenge even harder to complete.

All the other threads and videos I’ve seen regarding how to complete this mastery are now 8+ months old, and the challenges and Slim’s abilities have been altered multiple times since. Does anybody have tips on how to complete this faster/easier than what I’ve been trying?


I think if you play on rescue and go find the monster instead of heading to the survivors will work. You then send out your bug to pick them up from far away as you spam the spore cloud on the monster.


Damn that’s smart!!! I’m gona go farm this, lol. I gave up on his third Spore Launcher star a long time ago. XD


Yup, same. Except I camped the Survivors, healing them just enough to keep them from incap until the Monster showed up, then spamming the hell out of Spores when it did and sending the bug to almost instantly get the survivors up. Rinse and repeat.


You used to be able to spore gun a carnivorous plant/wild life and it counted as the monster for the rez purposes. Don’t know if it’s still working like that. Just do barracks, rescue and use the electric fence map perk to make the map even shorter.


I’ll definitely be trying these ideas out. Slim is one of the few non-adaption Hunters I still need to Elite. :grin:


Quick question: Do you have a friend you can play with?


No, I’m afraid I don’t. None of my friends have Evolve… :cry:


what console are you on?


I’m on Xbox One!


awe…damn, well if you ever find someone to play with, what I did was have the monster player kill everyone one but one hunter and you. Let the monster down the hunter, shoot your spore cloud and use your healing bug to bring the hunter back. :slight_smile: Good luck!


I can help you out! Once I get some stuff done, I’ll send you a message!

GT: SpookyCrow

No worries, I also had some help from other people for this mastery xD

Edit: We can do it on Defend C:


Oh wow! Thank you so much! I’m available for the next 8 hours or so if you want to get together!


Don’t ask about the name, LOL. It’s an old account and I had an obsession with the Black Eyed Peas at the time. :laughing:


Perfect! Like I said, we can do it in Defend, I’ll keep downing the bots and you do your thing :slightly_smiling:

No worries! I also had an obsession with them, especially with Fergie xD

Btw, I don’t have a mic, but I guess what we’re going to do is pretty simple. We can chat here if necessary :slightly_smiling:

Edit: I sent the invite C:


Oh darn I forgot about Daisy, let me kill her first xD

Edit: Did you managed to get some points? I totally forgot about AI helping downed teammates xD


That challenge i left for 5 months because it was a pain to do plus slim sucks so i just left it at 2 star yolo!!


Yeah I just send the bug whenever someone is down and use the spore gun from there.


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