Slim Tier 2 Spore Cloud


Okay, how is this mastery supposed to work? Because it’s ridiculous. I’m good at weapon swapping and keeping the heals and the clouds on the monster, but this challenge is ludicrous. Been running Slim all night and haven’t gotten +1 point in this yet.

“Keep the Monster in a Spore Cloud for 20 seconds, 20 times.”

This is the only one in have a problem with. Suggestions/Feedback?


Got it yesterday. I’m afraid your only option is bot farming, if you don’t want to be a hindrance to your team. Pick defend, and then New Calico. Pick reload speed as your perk. Pick sunny, abe/crow and parnell as your teammates. Play against Behemoth. Just keep spamming the spore clouds everywhere, it should be pretty fast.