Slim Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


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Stage 2: Slim Strategy, Tips and Advice
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Here are my tips for Slim:

    1. Priorities: Healing burst, leech gun, spore launcher, healing bug.
    1. Spam. Your. Healing. Burst. Seriously, use this whenever anyone in range needs even the slightest amount of health. This is your main way of healing, and it needs to be spammed, especially in fights.
    1. Your leech gun can be fired quickly for a shotgun-like spread, dealing heavy damage at close range, or it can be fired slowly to be more accurate at a range. Change your firing speed based on the situation you are in. Krakens will almost always require the slower, more accurate mode. Your healing burst cooldown is reduced based on how many leeches hit a target (not the damage done), and this also works for things like banshee mines or decoy. Also, don’t be afraid to shoot wildlife to gain a healing burst if you need it.
    1. Utilize your spore launcher whenever you can. Ideally, try to keep it up during every fight, but prioritize leech gun to get healing burst up if you have teammates taking damage. However, you usually want to prioritize the spore launcher if the monster is focusing you, and then try to juke it by using bushes or other world objects to break line of sight. Remember, it can see you, but it can’t smell you. Also, try to coordinate this with your support’s cloak, it makes you entirely invisible.
    1. Throw your healing bug out whenever you get the chance. This means that if someone across the map just got chunked by a mammoth bird, you can heal them. This won’t be particularly useful in fights, but can be used to top off a teammate who isn’t being focused, especially if the assault is tanking with his shield. Remember, you don’t need line of sight and the teammate can be miles away, but it will go away once the teammate takes damage.
    1. You aren’t a tank. Seriously, the amount of people who play like this astounds me. You do want to be relatively close to the monster to ensure all of your shots are landing and you are in range of your teammates, but don’t be in melee range. The last thing you want is to eat the rock that the monster is trying to throw at your shielded assault.
    1. Remember to ALWAYS throw out a healing bug on a downed ally. It can revive them, and usually the monster will be focusing you and ignoring them (since they don’t want you to get them up). Also remember that healing burst does heal downed allies, meaning you should be spamming it near them and have the bug on them, decreasing the amount of time it takes to get them back up on their feet and keeping them alive.

Recommended perks: Reload speed and capacity mostly. You can also use jump height or jetpack recharge, but reload speed and capacity will boost your healing potential the most. I wouldn’t recommend damage resist as having either of the previously suggested perks will likely cause you to be able to heal yourself for more than damage resist would mitigate.


This! Please people use your healing drone whenever you get the chance. It’s your 2nd way of healing. I’ve been in plenty of matches where a slim player doesn’t even know he has a healing bug.


Makes for an interesting game though. ^.-


I want to respectfully disagree and say that the play style you present is backwards and too visual for Slim, because it makes leech gun his focal point. When its kinda a crutch/weakness… I main Slim (which doesn’t mean much I know) and these are the steps I take after I obtain the best possible high ground:

  1. Start with spore cloud. Always, get the largest radius of spore cloud dispersed on the general direction of the monster at all times. In and out of dome, constantly. This prevents the monster from seeing your health bar and pinpointing you immeadiatly, a powerful advantage that ties directly into step 2

  2. Healing bug is your main heal. At any time shooting out healing bug should be your first reaction to major damage. The spore cloud greatly increases your teammates chances for a successful dodge, especially since the monster is blinded from damage with out health bar. Also any separation your teammates achieve will result in significant healing. Especially if your using HB also

  3. HB is your emergency heal. Save your first HB pop until your teammate drops to about 1/3 health (stage 1 & 2 monster) shoot a cloud at your feet and then switch to leech gun and begin emergency healing… If your heal burst is coming fast enough then its time to get in closer

  4. Bait and dodge. Using this method you can usually get the monsters attention of your teammates long enough to get back to your squad and get some defense assists

  5. When being focused always use your leech gun… Why? Because with leech gun + damage resistance slim can be THE most annodown and most difficult to down character in the game

  6. Lastly, when fleeing always retreat to the MIDDLE of the team… It gives you the most chance to be recognized and assisted… And makes the team feel stupid for realizing they failed to do anything while watching medic die


I get what you’re saying, but this is the best possible situation. The monster is 9 times out of 10 going to stick to someone, meaning that they won’t be able to be healed by the healing bug. Waiting until they are at 1/3 health is going to lead to their death for sure. Slim’s healing burst does 220 healing, whereas 1/3 of a hunter’s health would be around 528 remaining health, bringing them up to 748 health, which is less than half of their health bar. That may not seem terrible, but they can get one shot with this amount of health left.

There’s no way you are going to be able to heal for enough in any fight if you aren’t spamming your healing burst. Your healing bug is great to top off teammates who aren’t being focused, but does nothing for someone who is (again, the monster is going to focus someone). You should always be firing your leech gun, as it does considerable damage. If you aren’t doing this, you are wasting his potential. If you ARE firing, there’s no reason not to utilize his healing burst as much as possible.

Also, please NEVER run into the middle of your team. That is literally the worst idea you can ever have. If you do that, the monster is going to wreck the entire team with a single ability. I’m sorry, but this playstyle just won’t work. Unless the monster is completely new, he is going to focus you down, and he is going to kill all of you if you bunch up like that.


Hmmm I feel you… good luck getting away with a giant neon “beat me!!!” Sign going out every 4-5 seconds and tracers that make u easily traceable even with spore cloud active

I’m not telling people not to use HB… Im saying that spamming it at the beginning of battle should be unnecessary… If your playing medic right everyone should have full health at the beginning of battle… Allowing you to focus on getting a field spore cloud out (cause its slim most important ability)

Sorry but you can easily out heal a monster even if you wait for your teammate to get to half health first (maybe not against the pro monsters) as long as you commit to being right in the monsters face to land all leech gun shots. Pop a spore cloud after the monster turns to down you… Than boost up and over his head to a cliff… Easy money on PUBS

Lol and you have greatly misunderstood the word MIDDLE. You know that slims HB is 30m long, I’m sure. I can be in the “MIDDLE” without ever being near a teammate. This allows your team to focus on damaging monster/savong you while you simply focus on getting that one more heal to save ur own life and stay up… All while healing the team to full health in case you go down… I find it works like a charm

I’m not saying your play style doesn’t work bro… I’m just saying it leaves slim without his special skill on the ground, and constantly exposing his position… Two tayics I see as equally unacceptable for slim… Especially if your team is decent at avoiding/dodging damage… The monster eventually says screw that and simply focuses you first if he can’t get anyone down


I never said to spam your healing burst at the beginning of a battle. I said to spam it when teammates need it. Of course it’s going to be better to get a spore cloud out rather than healing teammates that don’t need health.

The problem isn’t out healing the monster, the problem is that a single ability (rock throw, lightning strike, etc) can down them in one shot if you wait for them to get to that health.

Again, you are naming the best scenario possible. Very few pub games are going to have a team coordinated enough to pull off swapping focus so that they can be healed with the bug. I’m not saying your way doesn’t work, but most people just stand there tanking shots until they die, which is why you generally need to be spamming healing burst on them.

I have not, get off your high horse. Middle implies the center or origin point of an object. In this case, you made it seem like your team was grouped up. I have no way of knowing otherwise when you say “retreat the middle of the team”, but make no mention of keeping your distance. Of course you can be in the middle while still keeping a distance, but that’s not what you made it seem like. I’m trying to prevent people from interpreting that as running straight into a group and getting themselves killed.

I’m sorry, but I can never see this playstyle working in pubs, unless you want your teammates to die. If you wait to heal them, they will die. I have yet to see a pub team coordinated enough to do any of this, so it’s very unlikely that you will be able to heal them via the healing bug. Sure, this would work with a pre-made team, but I’m assuming that anyone looking for advice won’t be on a pre-made.


Meh, I’ve played with a couple of mute masterminds on PS4 especially during off peak hours… I guess it’s luck

Swapping/Denying focus is literally one of the main roes of most Supports/Assault characters. In fact it is the sole purpose of team cloak. So I don’t really get that point, cause even if you don’t know it most of your teammates skills do that unconsciously.

I understand that most stage 3 and 2 monsters have skills to knock down teammates at 1/2 health, but you only spend 1/3 of a match with a stage 3… by stage 3 slims healing is inadequate anyways, your really just doing the best you can for as long as you can at that point.

That is why I advocated waiting until 1/3 health to intensifying healing before I went to the extreme of saying you can wait to 1/2 health, because almost no monster skills can eliminate that much health… Bar lightning scrazy… I’m agreeing that healing must intensify to bring up teammates health… I’m just saying that it should not be your first response to damage… Because if you heal after first strike your probably healing more damage than your teammate took… Thus wasting the extra healing… Its better to wait and keep spot cloud up and try to get the heal with bug if u can… If you can’t you pop a soon as they get to 60% and knock em back up to 72% before you start popping HB like crazy… I’m not saying wait to heal just advocating starting in a much less visible way

NO I like my horse… I have named him roach and he takes me across Velen on his back to murder my monstery bounties… I’ll stay up here thank you… Naw but sorry for coming off like that… I just think it would be obvious that medic isn’t advocating that we all get together and take damage together like friends… Since my heal is 30m and I’m getting focused in the example


Right, I’m not saying you are wrong. It’s a good playstyle, I just haven’t run into teams coordinated enough to pull it off. It should be common knowledge to swap focus, but sadly it’s not in pubs :frowning:


Lol yeah your right there. I tend to just hop on the mic and say “y’all gonna protect me and follow my lead or we gonna die. Good luck!!” I can’t argue the ineffectiveness of pub teams though


I need a tip: How the hell can I save my frames from Slims spore launcher, that thing cuts me from 60 fps to 2.5 like why ;-;


OP, pls nerf


Are we nerfing this thread??? Or you??? Or me??? I’m jus confuzzled


Slim is undoubtedly my favorite new addition to the 4th tier hunters. I would like to say well done with creating a medic that is a lot of fun to play. I love it that his role is to get up into the fight itself as a combatant and play offensively, and through this activate the defensive role that is inherent to the medic class. It’s a great design and naturally gives way to the frantic, intense monsters battles which make evolve great.

My greatest issue with his current build however is that he significantly lacks the ability to burst heal, meaning that if a teammate is getting focused by the monster (which any competent monster will do) - they will surely go down. Despite attacking mercilessly with the leech gun and using the healing burst at every possible moment when I play Slim, my teammates consistently go down when the monster turns its attention to them - and it makes playing slim against a semi-competent monster more and more impractical. It’s at the point where whenever I select him as my medic choice there is a collective groan from other teammates who are begging me to choose Caira (who is of course wonderful) instead. I wish this weren’t the case though because I DO have a lot of fun playing him - it’s just his incapacity to burst heal, also combined with his general inability to protect himself (his other glaring weakness) leads to myself or my other teammates surely becoming monster food whenever they are focused by the monsters attention.

Any chance you fine people over at Turtle Rock could look into this issue? I (and other Slim players) would appreciate it greatly! Because with that said, you guys have truly made an extremely creative and engaging game that has given me some of the most fun I’ve had with games over the past year. In any regard that was my input, and keep kicking ass Turtle Rock!


:lazarus_cute: Rezurrecting you.

So what is your favorite perk on Slim now? DR makes it a pain to down Slim even when he’s on his own because even if you do knock him back he’s still benefiting from his perk. Reload is just good in general, Capacity I think is lacking because it only affects the rifle. I personally like Quick Switch, but I’m considering Reload, Jetpack and Damage Resistance too.

What about you?


Depends on monster a bit.
Against a Karken, I want reload, speeds up healy burst since its a bit harder to do it manually
Against Wraith or Goli, I’d prefer quick switch, they zip around a lot and quick switch lets me move the cloud in an instant.
Against Bob I use anything beside Quick Switch, big guy really doesn’t require speed to deal with :stuck_out_tongue:


Except you don’t know the Monster going in. :stuck_out_tongue: So what do you choose?