Slim spores: 20 sec 20 times


How can we get 20 times “keep the monster in 20 seconds” with spore cloud?
I have 1\20 and no more. Need to nerf to 10 sec?


I strongly feel this will see an alteration soon, but for now I understand that those that did get it without cheating for it hit the spore cloud directly in the path of the monster and were sure to get the clouds to “touch” each other to make a continuous chain for the monster to walk through. This requires some guesswork as to where the monster will go so I suggest custom gaming against AI. Obviously this is gonna be a long grind and I am going to be trying this myself shortly. I suggest taking Griffin or Abe as Trapper and Behemoth as monster since those trappers have the best chance slowing him down, and Behemoth is fairly slow already.


Some of the elite skins are painful. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you think that’s bad, wait till you need to keep a monster in a spore then revive someone 50 times


But i already revive 50 -_-
I use only spores but it didnt work. It is not painful… it is really worked? If it works, then why not count. Well, look on


The easiest way to get this is to just play a custom solo Hunt against an AI Behemoth. The Monster will try to focus the Medic, so you can lead him around through your clouds. For the 3rd star, the Monster needs to be in the cloud at the moment the person is revived, and the game for some reason counts wildlife as the Monster. Play solo Rescue and spam spore clouds at wildlife/the Monster whenever you send a drone out to revive. There are several threads with explanations of how to get both of them if you’re having problems, but the requirements will probably be adjusted in a patch eventually.


I haven’t tried it but doesn’t an AI monster always just aim down the turrets in defend? Couldn’t you just spam him with the spore cloud while he’s doing that?


You could but he doesn’t stay there very long. A few hits and turrets are gone. It’s tough to get. Took me maybe 12-15 rounds.