Slim Spore Launcher Buff please


Please make it that spores stick to the monster if been hit by a direct hit from spore launcher for the full amount of time

You can only use the launcher when you realload the health leecher in combat and that isnt enough to keep yourself alive as slim

If we can have a val that slows down the monster for 10 seconds with direct hits we can have smell supressions using slims spore launcher with directs hits too


No. For the love of Shear, Monster players have already dropped in to the dozens. If anything, Spore Cloud should be akin to ‘Scent Masking’ map effect; it blocks smell beyond 10 meters, rather being the full invisibility it is now. The clouds overlap, shoot it in a small circle around where your team has setup the killbox.


No thanks, that thing is already spammy as hell, if you can’t keep a monster inside a cloud then idk what to tell ya


lol It’s pretty easy to kill slim at the moment. Screen gamma : +5 => ok I see you now… cmon sneaky bastard


this may work when the dome is set at first but than you have to fullfill your medic part without time of doing such a thing anymore

why not give such a ability to the trapper? would fit him perfectly because once the dome is set he is spinning his thumbs

allowing direct hits with sticky spores is not only logical comprehensible it will make slim less insta dead when the monster is onto him - he cant heal himself when focused so the sporecloud is his only hope - once you’ve been stuned out of the area youre pretty much dead
landing a direct hit would need some skill anyway so it would be a reward for beeing a good player
there is also a big chance that you’ll miss the shot leaving

and sporecloud dosnt make the players invisible thats just not true


Spore cloud is fine, and I’ve elited Slim. Your comment proves that you still are pretty inexperienced in this game.


As Potato land said, Spore cloud is fine as is. It has a large area of effect. You shouldn’t need to be handed more than that.


so you grinded slim in solo mode… wow :stuck_out_tongue:
best player in the world and calling someone inexperienced without explanation why you think that way is somehow simple minded dont you think


No, just no. The spore cloud is a royal pain in the ass as it is lol I’m with @shin here


I lol’d  


I mean, I was just saying that to show that I’ve logged some considerable time as him. First of all, if you’re switching well, you’ll be able to cover the floor in spore clouds and keep your teamed healed well. Also, since when does trapper have nothing to do after the dome is placed? His job becomes CC’ing the monster as well as light DPS. You don’t want direct hits, you want to lead the monster and cover yourself and teammates for protection with the spore cloud. It is very difficult to see with spore cloud- you have to use things like Slim’s leech gun trails or shield beams. Spore cloud is fine where it is.


Like I said, good monster does not care about the cloud => Gamma up, and let’s roll on slim… More over slim is not a slight dps but an off Medic. So using your shoot gun will make you very easy to see because of the green lines coming back to slim. So just spam cloud and burst heal when it’s coming hard. But slim has to be played like lazarus.


but you cant play him like laz

because like you said he’s an off medic

you cant lead the monster with sporecloud’s
the hunters have to hunt it not inverted

we all know that mastery for slim is a pain in the ass because he dosnt work the way trs had think of!
thinking about the “hold the monster for 20 seconds inside a sporecloud” mastery this is an impossible thing to do in an online match
i’ve played him everytime when i became medic and in like 20 matches i only unlocked 1 single point from 20

and if you had to grind it solo… admit or not or - at least you know it for yourself - that you had to do it because no monster ever will stay that long in a sporecloud and remember that its not the monster that have to hunt its the hunters… so hiding in a sporecloud hoping the monster will join the party wont do the trick


IF, this would be a viable thing, than I would say that shooting the spore gun on yourself should mask yourself from being smelled as well. Because, now, Slim is like Val. Both really weak without Hank or Sunny. At least, against good monsters. So if Slim would try to evade the monster hitting his face, he cannot do anything, nothing at all. Try to shoot when you are getting pummeled, not gonna work. So, if the monster was able to smell 10 meters far, the tradeoff should be that slim should be able to mask everyone in the spore from the monster. Maybe the color of the cloud changes for the monster when someone is in, but even then. It’s not balanced enough to give the monster back smell range. It completely ignores the point of the cloud.


Sorry man thats some hardcore overkill because that hadicaps hunting wildlife and everything, thatd be wayyy over the top op


doing it in that way would leave slim to spam the nades everywhere and the monster wouldnt know from where the hunter are comming - it would hear the nades for sure but like zeus93 noted it would be a wildlife thing since the monster cant smell them anymore

same like this annoying gas extra on some evacuation maps where the monster’s smell ability is denied which is absurdly OP and alot of monster doing quits because on that (which is boring during an evac)

shooting the nades into the monster face leaving the monster without smell for the period of time the sporeclouds are active is a combat only mechanic


No no, it’s already annoying as hell, it’s fine as it is, so no.


If you give it a cooldown and only have it work if it hits, then yes, thatd be fine.
If not, itd be insanely strong with the current spamminess


No its fine. you can kee shooting it in more then one place. You wouldn’t need to do that if it stuck, and hitting behemoth with it directly is easy, if it did that it would become OP because you can’t move to get away from it, and the counter to that is to then shoot the spore again, this little dance keeps it balanced


As mostly a hunter player I don’t think it needs a buff or nerf. I think it’s perfect. Ice played both sides of this coin. As it is now, it’s just annoying enough to effect the monster and throw him off his game a bit. But not bad enough to completely hinder him.