Slim: Spore Gun rework suggestion


So I like slim where he is at but I do think the last thing that he needs is a rework for his spore gun. I don’t like how it is really “spammy” and it is not really effective at its state. So, how about they give it like a 15 second cool down BUT if they get a direct hit, it sticks to the monster?


The fact it would stick to the Monster:

  1. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. Would also make it an efficient tracking tool.

  3. Guaranteed spore for the duration of the cloud, it’s not even hard to hit the Monster with it.

  4. I hate spores regardless of any change until TRS makes them, you know, not disorienting to high hell.


In b4 @10shredder00 and his hate for Sli-

#He’s here! Scatter! D:

I personally like this, since yeah, it’ll make it less spammy and require more skill shot. Especially since I see players shoot it far to where the Monster might be, even though it won’t do anything since they can kove out of the bubble.


Does that guy just hate slim or what? lol and yeah the bubble is so easy to get out of it makes the spore cloud really…pointless.


To be fair, forcing a monster to move is an effective tool. Just because he isn’t blind doesn’t mean you didn’t just move the monster from a location and herding it to a place with traps or away from your team.


That guy is Shreeder, and yes he hates Slim, but with a passion. Can’t blame him, I do too. :<

I’m still all for improving his spores to be more of a skill shot.

You have to hit the Monster for him to have the effect, he will not be highlighted though. If you don’t hit him, the effect lasts half of what it is now.


thats what i keep saying too. seems like some people just dont notice that though. :confused:

slim himself isnt his problem. its the spores. i play with shredds and i do play slim when im medic too, but i dont really like the spores very much and rarely ever use them. they vary too much person to person.


Okay fair enough but players still have found out way to bypass the spore cloud anyway. Gamma? Bigger screens don’t have much trouble as well. I think they should have never made a gun where it could mess with someones vision in the first place.


but that wasn’t the goal. the goal was to mess with the monsters smell. it just inadvertently affected sight


Well it seems like that was the result anyway. That doesn’t change the fact that it still affected sight. One of the main reasons it was nerfed was because of people who are colorblind. Im not bashing on them but trying to explain to you that it obviously had more of an affect on sight then smell.


but i already knew… i was arguing the same thing yesterday in another slim spore post.

i said it was designed for smell. it wasnt designed to affect sight but inadvertently affected it to a large amount. as in, it was an accidental result. but not a desired one.


How was that an accident? If they knew that smell helped SIGHT and they decide to make a gun to affect smell…connect the dots, its not rocket science.


but what ever. lol


I am going to just end replying to you because it seems like wherever I go on the forums you just love to argue, which is fine, agree to disagree. Good day!


well, you just happen to run into those posts then cause i do much more than that if you think all i do is argue with people.

so if that’s your opinion of me. that’s fine.


You’re awesome for numers:D


I think if it misses, it should no effect :slight_smile: that would be fair.


I do agree completely

Shouldn’t be a spammy but more effective

Against good monster … it doesn’t do shit and you can see where slim is most of the time

Or you can use traversal so you can Know where he is at

Against low level monster. . It hurts a lot


Not even just low level Monsters, some people just have trouble seeing in them. Which is unfair in my opinion.

I play on a fairly large tv (and sit way to close to it), so they don’t really phase me. But the fact that they are overly effective against some players and not effective at all against others doesn’t seem right.

They need something, but I’m not sure what. I’m always thought that if they made his Leech Gun charge slightly faster while the Monster was in the cloud, that’d be more fair and effect everyone the same, but idk.


Hmm I like where you are going with this, what if they made his self heal higher when he is in the bubble? Since sustainability is his only problem but, still not making it as “spammable” OR makes the leeches come back faster?