Slim Spore Cloud Suggestions


So I encountered a post where I made a very good (IMO) suggestion about the poor Slim and his currently useless Spore Cloud. Here it is: What I suggest is to set it back to vanilla Evolve Spore cloud, but rework the way it applies blindness to a monster, rather than creating a bubble, I think it should work like a real smoke/gas grande and have a similar use to an Elder Kraken`s Death Spiral where it only goes in one direction and blinds the monster in the area of effect and for a short time after mitigating the cloud.


Immediately I’m against your idea. I don’t care how else you plan on changing it; the mere suggestion to bring back that amount of confusion is enough to make me hate the idea.


Well, yes, its going to be powerful, but would rather require skill to both use and to dodge + the duration is going to be short, so the monster would just relocate to a better position…


Doesn’t matter. Your suggestion is to revert their effects to what they once were. Immediately nope.

There was zero skill involved with spores before. Either they affected you or they didn’t and if they did you were crippled and there was no way to counter it.

Immediate no.


No, I am also against it. I’m not colorblind in any capacity, but it really fucked me and any chance of visibility during a fight. It was 100% inconsistent and had no effect on a large number of people, while some people suffered.

To summarize my thoughts instead of giving a long post like I usually do (change of pace this time):

Spore Cloud in its previous iteration was a toxic and unbalanced ability, solely for the fact that it didn’t affect everyone the same. This one at least gives those of us who have trouble with it a chance to counter it in a feasible way that’s not “just move out of the cloud” because that’s simply not reasonable.


As I said many times the best IMO is to do the same as before BUT apply the effect only if the hunters are inside the zone (monster can not see the name and health bar of hunters inside the spore)


Whew. There’s no way they’d bring back that old Spore Cloud.

Because reasons like this. I had no problem with it but for some people it was just too disorientating so it was changed.


spore clouds in most situations had little effect on me.

But I understand how and why they were frustrating for others

I think a reduction in ranges for auto and smell senses is the way to go, while suppressing combat sense. Not complete removal of all 3. This is how they’re SUPPOSED to work currently, but are bugged (pun) and don’t- they still allow access to combat sense which largely overrides auto and smell senses anyways within the context of engagement.


Yeah, there is no reason to revert the Spore Cloud back to its previous mechanics, as has been stated there was nothing skill-based about it, it either affected people way too much and crippled them, or it had no effect whatsoever.


Old Spores were too heavily dependent on other things. Like the monster’s eyes and the specs of his PC, lol.

Spores should have a new use but I think it should be something other than smell handicaps.


A few ideas:

-The Spore Cloud is no longer visible to Monster Players
-Spores are now a “Cover Scent” agent. Hunters detected by smell but not within LOS of Monster appear as small Wildlife.
-The duration of Spore Cloud should be much longer than the reload time (or the reload time reduced drastically), allowing a Slim player to coat a large area aggressively.


Keep it simple. Monster can’t smell hunters if he’s inside the bubble.


Stage 2 took out most of the mechanics that were consider “toxic”. Slim’s spores were exactly that. Taking away a monster primary tool for sight was a bad mechanic and un-fun to play against. I do think it needs something to it and reworking into a new tool would probably be best. Here is what I said in the previous post.

Even when the spore cloud was OP, it never felt like a powerful ability. I knew that when I used it, it brought a tremendous amount of utility, but wasn’t very responsive. I think the ability should undergo a pretty big rework.

The ability would work like the heal burst. You activate the ability and the monster’s screen get fuzzy for less than a second. The effects could be like bugs buzzing in front of the monster. After that effects goes away, all the hunters appear as yellow clouds for a set duration. The monster can’t see who he is targeting. At least the monster can still land abilities instead of hoping they hit.

It would also buff slim because the leech gun would be the only gun out. His healing would probably need to be toned down if the ability was changed.


Just remove the damn thing. Losing sight of a hunter is just too toxic and the fact that some players can basically ignore it is not indicative of a well designed mechanic. Make it a healing field or DR or a blackhole that sucks in slim and kills him.


Replace Slim’s Spore Cloud with confetti instead.

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Hmmmmm… howabout adding a lil something something to make the cloud a bit more usable? Like say reduces the monsters speed or damage or something? Like whow R. Abe’s grenades reduce the monster’s damage, maybe we could do something like that with the spore cloud? On top of the current reduced smell range.




How about reducing leech gun’s cdr per pellet to half (0.5s) and reworking spore cloud to AoE so that a target in spore cloud’s AoE hit with leech gun will reduce cd by 1s per pellet? Nerfing Slim facetanking’s ability and making Spore Cloud has some purpose to use again.

Slim’s spore cloud now will work with leech gun. Healing potential will be decrease by half. Targets outside spore cloud will reduce by 0.5 and target within spore cloud will reduce by 1s.

I think problem with slim is that his primary is both damaging and healing weapon while his secondary is useless against any monster that is not blind.

Other medic’s primary weapon is a damaging or mixed damaging and amping weapon while secondary is healing. Slim’s primary weapon is both damaging and healing. You can ignore his secondary and his bug. Now with that rework, he will have less healing potential. In order to maximize his healing potential, slim now has to switch between primary and secondary. His secondary will increase healing potential if a monster stays within the spore cloud AoE. Monsters can leap or run out of the AoE. This would raise skill ceiling for slim. Slim needs to aim and predict where the monster will be in order to maximize his healing potential.

What do you think?


I really like the idea. However you’re unintentionally raising Slim’s skill floor by an absurd amount. Adding in an additional feature to the spore cloud will help yhis. Everything you said, but if your team mate is in the spore cloud he gets increased healing with the healburst. This will also make the monster fight in and around the spore cloud because focused teammates will want to stay in the cloud for increased healing while the monster in the spore cloud recharges the burst twice as fast.


yeah, i don’t know how much skill floor it will increase. maybe they can tweak some numbers to balance it out.
Though I think you misunderstood one thing. The spore cloud will only affect the monster. It would serve as a debuff. with a debuff, when slim shoots the monster, the cooldown on healburst will reduce by 1 second per pellet instead of 0.5s per pellet outside of spore cloud. Not that teammate will get bonus healing while they are inside spore cloud.
Basically, if slim shoots any target or monster inside spore cloud, each pellet will decrease cooldown of hb by 1 second like as of now. If the target/monster is outside of spore cloud, it will decrease cooldown of HB by 0.5 second per pellet. The healburst amount is the same. The difference is -0.5s hb cooldown per pellet. vs. -1s hb cooldown per pellet.
Monsters will want to move out of the spore cloud because if the monster stays out of the spore cloud, Slim cannot spam healburst as much as he can like now.