Slim spore cloud stars are ridiculous


Slim’s 2nd and 3rd star objectives are WAY too difficult to obtain. I am top 15 Slim players in the world and I STILL do not have his 3rd star. For the 2nd, I had to get my friend to play behemoth on Defend and stand still in the back of the map for 10 minutes. And having to hit the monster with a nade then revive a downed teammate and also managing your idiot team trying to tell them not to revive that person. Then you have to do that 50 times!!! 50!!! This needs to be patched and adjusted thoroughly.


Jealous of the rank, I just hit rank 23! I also agree with you. They need to rework his progression.


I’ve seen every hunter Elite EXCEPT SLIM!!!


The amount of threads I’ve seen repeating exactly this is ridiculous.


I recently acquired Elite Slim. There’s a reason you haven’t gotten his third star yet: it’s bugged.

Shooting the Monster with the spore cloud doesn’t work. It doesn’t count towards completion, ever. However, I stumbled across another bug that actually does allow you to complete it.

Shoot wildlife.

Or man-eating plants, or anything but birds, really. So long as some entity other than the Hunters or the Monster or terrain is within the cloud when the revive finishes, you will gain progress.

It’s still a hell of a grind, but at least it can be done. I did it by setting it to Rescue with high wildlife and Canyon Striders as the map effect. Takes a while, but you can do it.


I think you mis-titled this. It’s “Slim’s Spore Cloud is ridiculous”…

Oh, sorry, is this not a balance thread?

Yeah, I have a few friends trying to get this too. But no monster will sit around long enough in the goo to give him any points at it.


Slim spore cloud is ridiculous.


Thank you so much! I will definitely have to try this.


Yeah, there is no way you could the spore cloud Masteries and still expect to win matches.
You pretty much have to go into Solo play and grind them out.
Unless you want your team yelling at you for constantly shooting spore cloud instead of fighting the monster or healing them.


Ironic isn’t it?


Now you know the pain I felt when Daisy had to revive 2 people in one match 25 times at lvl 40.


Got the Slim Elite after 10 hours. Thx for the 3rd star Spore Cloud insight @Ninesmith!