Slim´s shotgun


Shouldn´t his shotgun be automatic like Torvald´s?


Why would it be as automatic as Torvald’s? Just a honest question.


If I am not mistaken the were talking about this change in last stream


It’s automatic if u hold down the trigger


Yeah it’s automatic like Parnell’s.


AAAAAAH holding down the trigger

thanks :smiley:

@Buckets_Sentry_Gun Duty calls :stuck_out_tongue:


God that would be awful, this current change to be fully auto like parnells is amazing, I’m all for it and now slim is a pretty viable pick for me :slight_smile:


It is automatic in the sense that it is hold down and fire, unlike Torvald who is tap fire and it will fire no matter what.


Hehehe he said duty

I am such an eight year old


crying because I’m the only Slim player that doesn’t like full-auto


I was worried to be honest that they would make his gun the automatic the same way as Thorvaldsen’s but this is nice


Gives my mouse a longer life span. Only thing that really affected me was the delay


Got used to it after a while.

I just feel any weapon that doesn’t deal heavy damage should be semi-auto. Offers more control and whatnot, especially with Slim’s decaying accuracy with recoil.


you can still shoot by single shots if you want. Just keep tapping the mouse like in old days


Yeah, but it’s slower. Not quite the same. It also doesn’t work as well for speed, simply because it’ll “skip” shots that I used to be able to do, but can’t anymore because of full-auto restrictions. I’m not really complaining because I know it did help a lot of players, but it’s so weird for me switching now, after playing him for so long. Just a general gripe instead of me having a real issue with it.