Slim- rapid fire script on his rifle?


I’ve noticed on several occasions now where Slim is firing inhumanly fast. HIs rifle is, so far as I know, the only semi-auto weapon which is not single shot. This means the firing speed is dependent on speed of clicks, which can be relatively easily manipulated with a mouse script.

TF2 had this same problem way back when, with the pistol used by various classes. You could empty the entire magazine in 1 second, creating stupidly high burst damage. I think that is what I’m seeing here. The solution is simply make it full-auto with a lower firing speed.


I think it does have some limit. I can’t fire it as fast as I click at least.


Could be an audio bug? Maybe it just sounds like it’s firing faster then normal. I know there’s plenty of audio bugs with Torvald’s shotgun.


There is already a limit in place to prevent this.


Good to know. I mean I believe you, but seems like his firing rate is still quite high regardless.


he does fire faster sometimes actually. i’m not sure what causes it, but if i catch it on video sometime i’ll post it.

I want to say it’s something to do with him getting staggered if you’re still clicking it increases his fire rate, but I feel like I remember it happening when not staggered as well…


Yes, he definitely fires faster sometimes. I’ve been “maining” Slim since the release and I’ve tried to replicate his faster firing at all times, but it just seems to be luck. At first I thought it had something to do with headshots giving faster shots, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Idk, but he DEFINITELY fires faster at times.


Wat system would u be playing on