Slim quesions


So i have some Questions for Slim - maybe someone can answer them to me

  1. will the monster be unable to smell if i hit it directly with my sporecloud luncher for a certain amount of time or does it only work when the monster is inside of the cloud?
    1a - what you prefer more - shooting the spores on the monster or just get them on the ground
  2. which perk will suit slim the most? is it better to go with capacity because more bullets resulting in more heal bursts or is recharge time a better pick since you can charge up and reload everything faster

sporecloud is a very intersting skill that hasnt been much discovered i guess
if you shoot the cloud and just stand still you can hide in a bush like forever even if the monster is right in front of you - with slims body shape and his color scheme he is almost invisible to the human eye

  1. It’s as long as the monster is inside the cloud.

  2. I use damage resistance, since I hit pretty much all of my shots and to be honest, my well-being is more important than those filthy full-humans.

  1. What @MrTalha said
    1.a shooting where the monster is and where he will be
  2. I like reload speed as it is a good perk overall at is also makes it a lot easier to recharge the healing burst. (It takes maybe 3 or 4 shots to recharge it completely with reload speed) it is also good for shooting spore clouds faster

  1. As everyone else said.

1.a- Where he is, where he’s going, when he comes after me, when he goes after a team mate. Use your discretion, be creative.

  1. I like Reload Speed. It affects the Spore Gun as well as the Leech Gun.


so ive played with a guy called himself the nr3 slim and he said that the sporecloud only works when you hit the monster with an direct hit - everything else wont work


It’s a lie.
Trust me, I’m a Regular!


One of the mastery tasks does require you to directly hit the monster with the spore cloud, but it will affect the monster whether it is directly hit or not. Hitting the monster directly just puts the monster in the middle of the cloud to start, is all. That’s one reason you see Slim laying down clouds in a large area wherever the fight is happening - if the monster simply leaves the cloud, smell comes back. More clouds in an area means harder to escape the effect.


k he was so sure about this…

i asked him for his source he responded with “nr 3 slim” …

yep nr 3 slim if you read this: i hope that youre smarter now


So the monster can still smell you if you are standing in the spore cloud but he is outside of it?


Yes. The Monster is only affected if he himself is inside the cloud.