Slim or Emet







  • Slim
  • Emet

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Ah, thinku, u was trying to get it but I couldn’t


EMET because his downed sustain is so damn good. Slim is just annoying AFAIK for both sides.


EMET. Slim can be knocked around, which limits his healing, while the buoys still work when EMET get’s knocked around


Emet because he is awesome sauce


Emer because dialogue and Slim just kinda sucks IMO.


Emet is a beast, Emet all the way .


The funny thing is made this thread in response to some saying EMET is the weakest medic behind skim


Really? EMET isn’t bad but Slim is not as good as EMET…not yet at least.


I don’t think slim is as bad as other people say, but I can see if he get a tiny buff


His self sustain is a joke. He will be getting buffed in the next patch :slight_smile: its confirmed.


Trick question, Slimet.


I disagree, his self sustain is good enough to be able to bounce back from an attack pretty quickly if he isn’t focused. He can slow down soft combos on him better than Val and laZ. Plus he has that spore gun



Buzz buzz buzz buzz

I speak insect


Well you are in the minority then, most people on the forums will agree plus and most developers would agree. I would know Ive brought it up to them and they know its true hence why they are giving him buffs. And what monster is going to stop focusing a medic? The spore gun is too flawed after it was nerfed. Most players could bypass the spore cloud just by turning up the gamma.


I’m not stainf he doesn’t need a buff, I’m hair saying I don’t think he is as weak as most people think. Also, in what why is the spore gun flawed?


Then those “most” people are correct because he isn’t the best medic. As I mentioned before it can be bypassed by just adjusting the gamma. The animation change made it easier for the monster to get out of the spore cloud since its an actually sphere now and the radius is too small considering that if you are hit in the spore cloud you can be seen again.


Thos most people aren’t correct in that he can hold his own longer than some of the other medics when focus. He isn’t a heal tank like caira