Slim Not Elite?


It seems I can’t use Slim’s elite skin. Last time I played Evolve, I had 11/50 spore cloud revives, and now I have 11/10 spore cloud revives. When I look at my stats with Slim, it says 100% complete. When I scroll through the medics in a lobby, it says I only have 2 stars or +5% radius.


Have you finished a game with slim to see if it awards it after the fact?


I finished one game with Slim, and it didn’t award the elite skin. After the game, I scrolled to Slim to see if I unlocked his elite skin, and unfortunately, it wasn’t there.


Not too sure then, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: The only thing I could think of is try to do 1 more of that specific star and see if that updates it.


Alright, I’ll see if that will work.


Best of luck :slight_smile:


As of restarting my Xbox One, I have Slim’s elite skin. :smiley:


Huzzah! I can close this thread for you if needed :slight_smile: