Slim needs more salt


Does anyone else feels that slim should get at least a 15% damage increase


Actually yes, somewhere between 10-15% more damage would round him out imo, he does ok damage, but it just lacks a real punch for the risk he takes by firing on the monster


Yes thank you. Especially since hes not that great of a healer


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Well I wouldn’t go that far, he does good healing his team, he just struggles healing himself
In my opinion at least.


I respect your opinion :raising_hand_woman:


Slim is pretty weak, Leech gun needs a slight damage buff and the healburst needs a slight healing buff IMO.


As a monster, I agree.

Slim could use some salt.



I see what you did there😂


I guess we can all agree that he needs some tweaks, in my opinion, out of all the medics he is the most fun but at the same time he is just as weak as Laz


he does double the damage of any medic. Do you want him to do more than the trapper?


He used to do almost double the damage. Now he does a lot less. He needs some damage to justify getting close when you consider how much the other medics get to do from a distance.


Eh. I definitely think his heal burst needs a pretty small bump up but I’m not sure his damage does… he’s already the highest of the medics.


doesnt he technically have two healing bursts


No… unless you’re talking about the bug?


Yes. Yes. Yes… I’d like him at least 15% more damage (if not 20%)… They nerfed him 30% on the last patch… I posted on another thread and argued more damage there as well, nice to see others with same opinion… Hopefully this will happen


what is that thing he does it looks like a healing burst but its a green circle


That’s his normal healing burst. It just has a different visual animation. Its the green ring you see when he pops it.


I think you’re talking about his healing burst. Slim’s healing burst has a radius of 30 meters and that’s how his looks.

Bump up his healing first. I struggle to keep the team alive with that weak burst.