Slim mastery


I think slim’s mastery is almost impossible to complete
I’ve heard a lot of people saying that
I mastered he’s leech gun and drones to 3 stars but stuck on the 3 star spore cloud launcher
Simply saying, it’s just impossible to revive 50 freaking people after you hit the monster with the spore gun
It is hard enough to revive a person while in battle the monster is not gonna let you revive them


Have you tried to combo the Spore Cloud Launcher and the Healing Drone?


I tried but it has to be you reviving them not the drones


The 52589466th thread about Slim’s mastery.

Drone revives DO actually count towards the spore cloud gun challenge.

Also, take a look in this thread: Slim's Mastery's are flawed
I explained what I did to get the spore cloud gun challenge


Are you sure cause I tried many times


Yes, I’m sure. I got the elite skin and used many drone revives.


I’ll try now


It really is tough, at least in comparison to the other hunters. The Leech gun is fine and the Healing Drone is a little tougher but do-able but the spore cloud launcher just seems like too much. I just got through tier 2 last nite in a bunch of custom games (getting 50 revives in solo rescue is a cake walk).

I almost don’t even want to attempt to master Slim. Hitting the monster with a spore cloud and then reviving teammates 50 times is absolutely absurd! I had trouble just getting the monster in a spore cloud for 20 seconds, 20 times, so why would I wanna try tier 3?


It’s bugged. Shoot wildlife or chomp plants instead. For some reason, that counts, but shooting the actual Monster doesn’t.


also I think you have to hit him right before they revive within like 5 secs i think (may be misinformed) the monster can’t just be hanging out in spore clouds for it to work. new shots only.


It has to be a direct spore cloud hit on the monster, and then a revive with a bug or yourself. Its not impossible lol.


try this out guys easiest way to do it. But yea with wildlife works also


Its easy if u get used to it