Slim masteries!


I just completed slim’s 2 star requirements. The spore cloud was the hardest but the drone wasn’t. For the spore i played defend. I put abe, hyde, and sunny. I versed behemoth since he’s a big target. I just used spore and i got 2 or 3 a game sometimes if u had bad aim or the monster moves so much then ur gonna get 1. For the drone’s i just played rescue and it was easy i got 9 a game.

Also i need help with the spore 3rd mastery. Im not really sure what to do to get it quickly or efficiently. U have to spore the monster then revive a teammate. I need help im not really sure how to do it. Thanks for the help tho.


You need to spore a monster or wildlife, and the monster/wildlife must remain in the spores for the duration it takes for you to pick someone up with the bug or with normal heals/pick ups


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I explained what I did to get the elite skin.


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I just finished it up myself after learning about that. Makes it easier to set up in custom solo matches.


Did it work after all villain. I forgot to mention if it didn’t work what I did was restart my Xbox till it did.


I got a bunch of points from spamming spore clouds at any wildlife I saw before reviving survivors, even with the healing drone. It made up for how inconsistent it is when you don’t get credit for hitting the Monster with the spore cloud. I think whether it’s Monster or wildlife, it has to be in the spore cloud until they’re fully revived or at least at the moment they’re revived. It was easier with Goliath too - he’s good at chasing down and quickly taking out survivors.