Slim is way too strong and so is Goliath

“Goliath is OP”

Goliath is second easiest to roach, his most damaging ability can be entirely negated by everyone who isn’t the focus target, he MUST go to where the Hunters want to fight as he has no means of harassing them from afar or pulling them somewhere else. He is a bursty Monster who is rewarding for people who are skilled with him.

The devs feel that Goliath is balanced, and they’re right. He is balanced. That’s why he feels strong.

  1. The patch with the new healing perks has been out for less than a day.
  2. The Slims may have a bad accuracy
  3. Watch this video

Now imagine if I would actually bother to dodge…

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That looks to be an AI Kelder, one that tried to burst finish you a few times using Death Spiral lol.
I particularly liked the part where he would throw random lightning strikes at random players and then go back to you.

Does not change the fact that I tanked every single ability.

1 those perks mean nothing in regards to what I’m saying ( see 3)
2 that is a bot so not worth using as an example
3 its all level slims I take down, from noob to prime, because I know what order to use my attacks for a near permanent stun lock, even the best aim bot couldn’t keep up with perma tumble.
4 you had mech recharge going, that is unbreakable for the few seconds it’s on I’ll agree on that one.

Slim yes, golialth no.

This is a devs answer to someone asking if Goliath is OP during the AMA. Clearly you are part of a very small minority when it comes to your ‘Goliath OP’ opinion and even if a few people here and there seem to be of this opinion the devs will go with what the majority of evolves playerBase think.

Common sense m8


Do you know the specifics that were changed with the AI? Maybe then OP could shed some light in how much those changes came into play.

I would ask @Anthonylinx about AI info, he’s the programmer

No way something ain’t right I try that on legacy against an elder I would die in about 4 sec I was a slim main

That’s your problem.


They changed slim that much let me tell you slim is weak as fuck on legacy if I don’t dodge near everything I go down so fast he’s also only viable against Goliath and behomoth

He is meh.

Oh I timed it too to get back to full hp after you get hit by one rock is about 9 sec of constant shooting

The devs also stated that the guarenteed damage is too high, in other words, it is very likely that charge, firebreath, poison claws and maybe even melee attacks will recieve a nerf.
Also, being in the majority does not automatically mean you are right, so I do not regard that as an argument.

The key word is legacy. Not only was Elder Kraken signifacntly stronger, but Slim was weaker.
HPS of Slim in 8.1: 142 + 10% DR = 158 HPS, required accuracy: 81.25%
HPS of Slim now: 185 +1% DR = 187 HPS, required accuracy: 50%

Nope he is also overpowered, just not as much.

My calculator says roughly 5 seconds.

While he is still hitting melle it is hard as fuck to recover I don’t take dr slim I take capacity

You were standing still yes??
Slim is actually fairly balanced in legacy IMO especially if you use him in a normal situation where you can dodge abilities and use sporecloud etc.
If you main slim you will surely appreciate that and have the ability to roach the monster as well as health.

If I don’t dodge rock every time one leap or charge either or I die in that abbility cycle every time must dodge rock leap or the charge every time to barely remain standing

Can’t roach as slim need to open dodge

I don’t think you see my point. It’s not the fact whether us as the majority are right. It’s the fact that we are the majority therefore our opinion carries more weight that yours, the minority.

And sure Goliath could be tweaked slightly, just like every other monster. But the fact is he is still the most balanced monster in game.