Slim is ridiculously, stupidly fun to play


Man, I did not think I would have this much fun with Slim. I enjoy playing Medics in games, but I’ve had significant issues with each of the current Medics. Val’s healing is too slow for me, too much sitting on cliffs away from the battle. Her tranq gun is pretty good, though. Laz is a lot of fun at times, but isn’t really a medic so much as a bet that 1. Your team is going to go down a lot and 2. You’re going to outplay the Monster and get some revives, or serious HP damage in exchange for a lost Hunter. Caira is probably my least favorite. Shoot healing grenades at your own feet all day and tank the monster because unless they’re unusually skilled, they’ll have trouble bringing you down. There’s no thought to it, you don’t really need skill. Even when healing over long distances, the arc on her grenades are not challenging at all.

But Slim… Slim Slim Slim. Get in the Monster’s face, blast him in the weakspot constantly with your shotgun and be CONSTANTLY tossing out your heal burst. You can get the leech off of wildlife as well, so suddenly they’re sort of like food for you as well as the monster. Your little healing drone works through walls, so it becomes a tactical placement. Don’t throw it at someone actively getting hit, but on someone running off to cover to recover, someone going out of sight. Your spore clouds are absurdly useful. They make it hard to determine the damage you’re doing as a monster, but don’t actually hurt your ability to DO damage unless you can’t see the hunters. (I can, at least, they’re not THAT small.) Keeping him in this cloud is fantastic and means you can really lower the chances of him choosing you as a target.

Basically, every single skill you have is constantly being used and is constantly useful. You multitask so hard, you have to aim properly, you gotta remember to be hitting your heal burst, you gotta watch the spore effects around you (are they remnants of the old smell vision?) to make sure you and the monster are in the cloud, I love it.

Slim is fantastic.


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