Slim is frickin awesome


Never liked medic much before, and slim was always kinda “meh” to me. Since the buff I tried him out and he was…ok. I was determined to get good with at least 1 medic, Lazarus is too unreliable, val is easy to kill as a monster and caira… I dunno I find it really boring to play as her.

So I tried a few different perks, long story short I have grown to love jump boost. If you time your jumps properly and combine with the spore launcher the monsters I’ve played seem to really struggle to do any real damage unless they corner me. If they focus anyone else then I can usually out heal their damage unless the hunter in question is truly tragic.

He’s not an automatic win, and a good monster can still make it really hard but right now he’s in a good place to me. Makes me WANT to play medic and he might actually be my new main.


Yeah i love Slim as well. Having any kind of leech effect in games is what i love the most. Slim is the most fun IMO because unlike caira he has more than just heal and run effects, and unlike Val he heals multiple allies, and unlike Laz he wants to be kind of in the frey. Always have fun playing him and he just makes playing the healer fun.


I feel like he can be legit Competitive but God Forbid you break the Caira Meta…


I think Slim’s gonna be the one to break it. His heals are reliable. For a while I found it ironic that only 1/4 of the medics was good at healing.


Yes and No.

I agree he can break it, but he needs to heal himself at a higher rate than current or the only Support will (still) be Hank.


I agree, I’d like to see his self heal numbers raised again. Its decent now, but I think it needs just needs a little boost.


The only issue is if he gets hard focused he is too squishy. That being said, now that his leech gun has autochoke like Abe’s Shotgun he can stay at distance making him a harder target.


Not with the knockback nerfs, theres almost 0 downtime on the leech and fuck is he healy mchealburst now


Yeah i hope he does, Caira is boring and sadly the only medic who can heal enough. And since he has to do damage to heal reliably i think it can make him better than Caira. Plus he has more utility. A couple times with slim my team was able to sneak up on the monster because as he was eating he didnt notice i had spored him and we got a nice orbital on him then domed him stage 1.


Keep in mind, that is on PC only. Macman even said there is no guarantee that will come to console. But if that does come to the other 2 platforms, Brace yourselves, Slim Meta everywhere…


I do prefer sniping sorta of speak with him. You just get those heal burst a lot faster. But his problem is when your focused you can’t shoot which means no heals because of the constant knock back effect. But the knock back effect is a whole different problem.


True, I pray for console monsters everywhere that these nerfs never hit them, Slim is like 900 times more annoying than Caira, he has the same healing potential…except on every single hunter at the same time


I think Slim/Cabot/Torvald would just be insane, but remember kiddies, you have to be able to dodge!


Yeah, I’ve been preaching his potential since Day 1. Let’s see, he does almost the same Healing as Caira, easier, while healing himself, and does damage?

Why choose Caira?


I think its because Caira is the old reliable, people are still wary of using something new.
And the speed boost is a nice little feature, Sunny+Cair allows Sunny to JPB
Trapper and Assault to keep on the monster while Caira and Sunny speed burst to keep up. But imo, I can see Slim overtaking Caira in the future, hes awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


Ninja Penguins beat Legendary’s Goliath in one of the ESL 11 matches with Slim. Legendary did happen to find Slim first thing at the relay fight though, and proceeded to squish him. I have half a mind to buy Slim now, he’s at a 54% pub winrate but he’s not considered reliable at competitive; in other words not too UP, and definitely not OP


because caira is the most OP medic among them and herself healing + knockback patch out heals stage 2 monsters… :grin: maybe thats why


How long did it take him to do it?
I’ve been playing quite a bit lately and yes, Slim is squashable, but it takes me forever to do it, whereas Caira takes me a lot less time since her selfhealing is pathetic



It was his first priority. He targeted Slim first, whom then jetpacked over to the Medlab relay platform. Legendary was able to maintain focus as he kept Slim was low on jetpack. However the brutal damage from the ‘evolve dome’ meta left him insufficient health to finish the fight.

@Araji would love to hear you comment on your team’s use of Slim and the character in general