Slim is completely broken

I feel as though everyone here is ignoring that now theres no way to stop Slims healing given the knockback nerfs, so he can heal an exceptional amout even while being focused HARD
And @RustyReviewsGaming (that name change tho), Slim was absolutely horrible in that state when the video was made, adding in the “Pub Hunter” aspect makes it a bit less crediting, so I’m leaning with @Araji on this.


They were actually a premade team. I asked them because they did very well for pubs 0-0

Premade doesn’t make you competitive.
Until you go tourney level, you shall be a pub, thats why I consider myself a pub Monster.
I don’t do the high level shiznit :stuck_out_tongue:

Before my unscheduled temp retirement I was versing tournies :confused:

Was the team you faced a tourney team in the vidyah?

Oh hell no xD that video was shot after my PC came back the first time so I wasn’t as good as I used to be. I’m not as good as I used to be now. I got a lot of practicing to do :slight_smile:

Tell that to NJP. He is currently the best medic, and insanely OP.

Exactly man :stuck_out_tongue:
You should watch some of the ESLs with Slim, bugman is a fugging beast, its scary

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Oh I never doubted that my man lol ESL players are godly 0-0

Ok, so there’s lots of people who haven’t read the arguments, several who don’t want their favourite (ie OP) Hunter nerfed, and a few who understand the rate of healing destroys S1 and S2 balance.

To reiterate. His healing surpasses any other medic, plus he has what is essentially a permanent cloaking ability.

The biggest problem is that damage or healing should be a choice, a tradeoff. You shouldn’t get both. But Slim gets both. The more damage he does (and essentially the more damage he takes considering close quarters makes his shotgun generally 3 heals per cartridge) the more healing he does.

That is a bad mechanic, and along with his other mechanic which makes it very difficult to aim and choose the best hunter to go after, and thus lowers the skill-gap for the Hunters.

This means that the core mechanics of the game, FPS and RPG elements, are interrupted by Slim’s spam. Keep in mind that with the Spore Cloud a key RPG element is interrupted in that the health bars disappear.

This would be fine (well, not as bad anyway) if it were only aiming, you can often still see an outline of the Hunters. But it completely destroys the RPG element of the game. The Hunters have healing and shields, so as a Monster you always have to have good aim while making key decisions of which character to focus at any given moment.

The Spore Clouds negate the core game mechanic.

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He can currently heal in 10.5 seconds a hunter from zero to full just via heal burst. The only next closest is Val with 16, and Caira with 18. Keep in mind this 10.5 heals everyone within 30 m. While Val is solo target, and Caira small AoE, but yeah he is totally balanced.


And his healing cannot run out as does Val and Caira’s healing.


Is that a Behemoth in shock over the healing rate emote?

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Hello there everyone , the thing right now that is going on with Slim is that most monster’s havent found a way to counter them , plus slim is so team dependant to actually do something . and he needs a dead on ammount of focus to actually make him what he is .
Anyway before you jump to conclusions give it somtimes so competitive monster’s figure how to counter him … some already do counter him against us pretty well .
Slim just got his buff , i believe we are the only team using him that much give him some time to get his “telemetry” down and monsters adapt .


Good post.

Slim wins the battle of attrition compared to the rest of the hunter healers. He just has to have a little less damage. A cleave with a Goliath Rock or a Lightning strike really globs him down.

Since he can’t himself cloak a good monster- and bots- should therefore be able to catch him and swamp him even when “scent blinded.” Slim is intimidating in a group because how much damage per second he applies. His* leech gun fuels his class ability. I think you might have a fundamental misunderstanding about the character. I don’t know if I could agree with you that he is over powered. Slim is still pretty immobile like the rest of the medics.


This is a great example of how the spore cloud can completely hide the hunters. numerous spots in that video, when you were being spored, you could see the beam from supports boost beam but not support at all. Other times you couldn’t see the hunter other than they were being boosted. When it gets dark, those hunters disappear completely.

This is not a spore spamming medic. There are others that are much much worse.


People already had trouble with Caira’s healing rate. It’s good to think it over and consider if a change is possible. However, part of the problem is the size of the Monsters and the relative ease of hitting them.

It’s an autofire shotgun, the easiest possible weapon in a game. Remember them in Left 4 Dead? Also gamebreaking.

It would make sense if he had a slow rate of fire gun, or a sniper like Val. But he’s got an easymode gun that requires mediocre aiming to get a heal in every second.

I mean, isn’t that part of the problem? Hunters are aiming at a stadium-sized beast with spammable weapons while the Monsters are comparatively going for slingshots between the eyes. That is a difficult thing to balance.

The thing to remember is that the ideal Slim play isn’t simple to run. Yes you’re shooting the monster, but you’re also constantly ensuring the monster is in spores, and when you’re shooting you’re pretty much the only hunter that the monster has any idea of location of so you have to be good at getting that initial dodge in too, jetpack management is a must.

It’s important that we don’t neglect the fact that Slim is being settled in to now by good players and that’s the cause of frustration. I feel strongly that he needs a change too, but by the same measure if the Slim player doesn’t know how to spore then it is almost sad how easy it is to take him down by comparison to the other medics.

The problem is that spores are too hard to manage for lower skilled Slims, and too effective with higher skilled Slims against lower skilled monsters. His healing is probably very fair given that in the (I believe) intended world of fighting Slim he’d have to spend more time avoiding being focused or generally repositioning, but the combination of this with the spore cloud against us low skilled monsters, and/or people with poor resolution/FPS, makes him killer and that’s something that does need to change.

TL:DR; it’s really only one ability that’s “broken” and even that is somewhat situational to skill levels. we probably didn’t need a seperate thread about Slim :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually how did you change your name?
Edit, or is that just a new account.

His spore cloud is a means of confusing the monster that can be countered many different ways (Fire breath, aftershock, decoy which btw completely ignores the spore cloud) also his leech gun leaves a green trail when he shoots you with it that a skilled monster can follow. Furthermore, his gun has 8 rounds, you need to land 3 FULL hits to recharge the heal burst so the max amount of heal burst he can get (without capacity) is 3, and that’s only in the hands of a skilled player who counts his shots. He is currently very balanced.

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