Slim is completely broken

Slim is broken. He acts like a one-man army. This is primarily due to his team permanent cloaking with the Spore Cloud and the fact that he can also heal faster than anything but a Stage 3 Monster. He also has two healing abilities, and all four of his abilities are completely spammable.

There are several detailed examples, including video, of the Spore Clouds in this thread:

The main conclusion I came to in that thread is that you cannot tell who is who in the spore cloud and it can be impossible to find a downed Hunter. This means Slim has a permanent defense, which is completely imbalanced compared to the rest of the Hunters, and especially the Monsters with no defensive capabilities (apart from Behemoth).

But worse than this is the healing. Slim can outheal anything but Stage 3 abilities with direct hits. Why is this? Because his shotgun allows for 1-4 heals per cartridge. That is an insane healing rate, especially considering he has a second healing ability.

This is a very poor mechanic. Generally there are tradeoffs in FPS games: high rate of fire, low damage, low accuracy. Low rate of fire, low control, high damage, high accuracy. But what does Slim have? High rate of fire, high control, high accuracy, and high damage (when considering his healing plus what his aggression allows the team to do).

This simply does not make sense. There should be a tradeoff. High healing should go along with low damage down range. This is the tradeoff with Val vs. Caira, or Laz vs. Caira (high damage or high healing), you have to choose. Same with Cabot vs. Hank, you either get the damage or the shields, not both.

Slim simply gives you both options at once, along with giving invisibility of a Support, and aggressive pressure like Assault. He acts as four classes in one, and that is the epitome of poor balancing.

As evidence you can quickly go into a single-player match to see the potential healing speed that he has, or find a player with above average accuracy. The Monsters are quite easy to hit, so this is a game mechanic which needs a fix and rethink for other aspects of the game.


You can see hunters through sight, and you can see the medic through his leach gun. It is not that hard to beat him compared to others, it is just a lot of people use smell as a crutch.


Thanks for not reading.

This was primarily about healing rate combined with his defensive capabilities/invisibility. Whether or not you can see slight variations on the screen does not make up for a broken mechanic. The devs themselves said the mechanic would be unfun for Hunter players if Monsters had the ability.

That is the issue, it’s simply a bad mechanic and lowers the skill-gap by removing a player’s ability to aim. It is very similar to Suppression in Battlefield, one of the worst mechanics ever implemented in a FPS game.

Consider a similar mechanic, if the Man O’ War skin allowed the Kraken to be temporarily or permanently invisible, while making it impossible to determine if they are doing damage many players would be up in arms. Or if the skin made him invisible in all combat situations.

In short, mechanics which interfere with a player’s aiming are always bad. No argument.

Saying “git gud, adapt” is just trying to avoid the issue, most likely because players benefit from the mechanic. In reality, Monsters have to pay attention to multiple Hunters, look for cover, look for food, check their shields and health, consider their escape route. This means it can be very difficult to keep tiny pixels separated, especially when there is no health indicator to show your progress, whether to abandon the fight, seek cover, get a down, etc.

Disingenuous and overly simplistic response to what I wrote.


Recently he has been given a dynamic accuracy like Abe has.
So he can either have low fire rate but high accuracy, or or high fire rate but low accuracy.
He is what is called a combat medic, he does more damage than other medics while healing.
It’s just Slim for ya.


I am entitled to disagree. Why is “a mechanics which interfere with a player’s aiming always bad”? Because you say so? You realize this is a very diversly spread game, with diverse abilities? No, I don’t think he’s completely broken. And it’s not even a new thing. Even the most competetive e-sport games used to have this. Halo? Camouflage. Call Of Duty? EMP (admittedly turned off in comp play) and Stun/Flash grenades.

I think the Spore Cloud with a better range but more cooldown might be a good idea to avoid the spamming, but if you, as a monster, hit properly then he should not have enough time to spam Spore Cloud AND outheal you. Maybe there should not be a cooldown nor a range increasement but rather just a duration decrease. That way you’d have to commit more to either mess with the monster’s sight or actually heal/deal damage. It would be less formulaic. Less Spore -> Heal/Heal/Heal -> Spore Heal/Heal/Heal and so on.

Because when you interfere with a person’s aiming it is a mechanic which, intentional or not, lowers the skill-gap. It adds randomness into the equation while removing skill. One player remains capable aiming, while the other is made incapable. This means the fight becomes skewed and one-sided, handicapping the skilled player.

Halo and CoD are poor examples as they are franchises which have progressively lowered the skill-gap in FPS games.


Slim is easily counter able. Hit and move. If he can’t hit the monster he can’t heal. This is easily done with all the monsters apart from behemoth. Rock wall to cut him off and he can’t heal anyone. Just needs a different tactic than other medics, same as Lazarus does. If you know how to counter him he does seem broken…like a pair of legs run over by a train.


Uh here’s a video of me downing a Slim at stage 1 before the tier 4 hunters ever got nerfed the way they are now

*flies away with @ToiletWraith *

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The recent change to slims leechgun, was a buff.
and it made him the medic he is now. before that buff, even before the 30% damage nerf, he was nothing compared to what he is now, if played by a good shot.

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Yeah but to counter that I was versing pre-nerfed Sunny and Torvald so yeah lol

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theres no counter there.

Pre-buff slim was laughably easy to put down, even when paired with an amazing hank.
Post-buff slim, has tons more survivability, and healing, due to him hitting alot more pellets.

so your video is moot and shows nothing.

No, just because you cant deal with slim doesn’t mean he’s broken. He’s viable now, and i don’t want him nerfed to crap please and thank you.
Edit: you can still see with the spore clouds on, it shouldn’t be that difficult, he just removes the crutch monsters used called smelling.


I get the sense you’re still cranky from our last encounter. Before Slim got buffed I worked wonders with him because I practiced with him more than any other medic because to me he’s the most fun to play as. I was lucky enough to come up with a strategy that outwitted many skilled monsters. There was a counter because I wasn’t just facing one OP character, I was facing 2 and I haven’t been able to test Slim yet because my PC was getting repaired and now is on its way home. So even if Slim is OP, I was versing ridiculous jet pack boosts and OP mortars along with the Spore Cloud launcher and Sunny Shield Drone. I’m not gonna argue with you because there’s nothing to argue about. Case closed
flies away

I assure you he’s not, he’s very viable in the right hands now.

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That’s why I put the ‘if’ there because I don’t know. I’ll take it from you since I read the patch notes and they don’t seem like they made him OP :slight_smile:

Pre-nerf Slim was doing 9k damage per game. Insane for a Medic. Add in pre-nerf Sunny and Torvald? Monsters would die in one dome.

Of course he has two Healing abilities every médico does

Yeah, its just people yelling OP because his healings a lot better now. I hope he doesn’t get nerfed again.

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So does every medic
Val: Medgun, heal burst
Laz: Lazaraus, device heal burst
Caira: Healing grenades, Heal burst.
Slim: Healing drone, Healing burst
Besides slims heal bug gets destroyed in one hit so what’s the problem here?


The only way for him to heal is to do damage. I don’t understand how this is a problem, he was just on top of the heals.
Edit: i do suppose that is a bit much though.