Slim is cheap and should be nerfed


Seriously, like only 2 hits by the leech gun and then he can you use his healing burst. It should be more hits and the healing burst’s healing should be be reduced. More than 80% of the matches I play now people choose him, even more than EMET now.


Slim is easy to deny that is the whole point of ‘need to shoot x to heal’

you do not ask people to nerf goliath because he throw rocks,you try to dodge them.


Problem is that Slim is an extremely flawed concept. He’ll either be overpowered or underpowered; it’s highly unlikely he’s ever to be balanced due to his concept.

He was overpowered prior to Stage 2, then he was underpowered and now he’s too strong again.

He’s a flawed concept, one that shouldn’t have been made and should be drastically reworked.


Yeah but even if he doesn’t shoot his healing burst still recharges so fast.


And until they do rework him, he should be nerfed to the point where he’s not unbearable against melee monsters. Even if that means he’s not viable in competitive or against other monsters, so be it. He’s extremely frustrating to fight and is basically a free win in competent hands if he’s at all decent overall.


He heals 200 each burst… u want to make it fire more leeches and lower the heal burst rate… u do realize he only have 1 good weapon only and the spore gun is useless now… he even need to be close to the monster for it to work… ridiculous


This is just flat out wrong. A medic’s general design is to be within LoS and range of a teammate, generally this also puts them in LoS of the Monster; Slim however just needs to be in LoS of the Monster and range of a teammate. You literally cannot deny healing from Slim.

Val? Focus.
Rogue Val? Burst down someone else.
Laz? Focus.
Caira? Break LoS/Burst.
Quantum? Burst.
Emet? Destroy the buoys.

Slim however? He’s a flawed concept. You can’t avoid him and you can’t focus him and if someone picks Hank then pray to God that you can ambush them and catch Slim off-guard and pray to picked Goliath or Kraken because otherwise you’re fucked. Royally.
Slim’s concept is a combat medic meaning that he needs to have healing capable of straight up out-healing the Monster by himself. No medic should be able to do this and yet he can.

He’s flawed. For him to be viable he needs to be able to output enough healing to face-tank the Monster but that makes him overpowered; without that level of output it means he’s underpowered.

There’s no balancing a bad concept and you can use many examples by the community. MUCH of the community called a “Stealth” Monster a flawed concept and guess what? Now we only have brawlers and most people are happy. You can’t balance a fundamentally flawed concept.

Slim needs to be made into a Medic and not an Assault. He needs to be nerfed to be good at low levels but bad at high levels until he gets the rework he desperately needs because if he is viable in competitive or high levels then that means that anyone who can aim and has a single finger to push the left mouse button and another finger to push the ‘4’ key means they are practically immortal.

There’s just no winning with Slim because of his concept. He’s either overpowered or underpowered which sucks for everyone involved but it’s the necessary evil. Make him weak at high levels until you can actually get around to finally balancing him with a rework.

No he doesn’t. Not with the spread of his “shotgun”.


Yeah… no.

Slim is a hard character to balance correctly and making threads like “Nerf Slim” without really that much information to base your opinion on isn’t helping.

The problem with Slim is that one part of his kit is too strong and another part of his kit is terrible.
You can’t simply hit his healing output with the nerf bat without a second thought because then Slim’s self sustain goes down the drain due to his terrible Spore Clouds.


Just as a very raw idea, what do you guys think about having his spore cloud nerf cooldown times on abilities? They could then hit his healing hard, because he’d have a more useful kit overall. Changing things about smell range does jack shit, to be honest, so I think they need to do something else.


It’s actually more than 2 shots, even more than 4 shots…but I can look into it in a couple days.

Tomorrow is Tier 3 and then Tier 4 well actually…I might have to postpone it till Monday…Saturdays and Sundays are busy days


Slim is overpovered as hell… i play a matc today and i striked down 1 hunter, and i just can kill him becose Slim fuking heal more then my all dps…wtf is this shit?







ok K OK…

I have the answer…
(a)use custom game
(1) pick a team of hunters with slim.
(2)Use only slim against each monster by himself vs human of course.
(3)then do the same exercise, but just add Hank.

record and show public.


He should be nerfed, the medic player should be creative by choosing different characters instead of choosing an OP character and giving the monster player a nightmare.


I disagree. His concept isn’t so flawed that it is beyond repair. They just need to reduce his variance. And by that I mean, give him more guaranteed healing, reduce the maximum healing he is capable of, and reduce/remove the possibility that he will overcharge his healing burst. So like:

Give him three maximum charges of heal burst so players wont accidently or inevitably over charge his healing burst, reduce the recharge time on a heal burst from 12 to 8, and reduce the heal burst recharge given per bullet from his weapon from 1 second to .4.


And what pisses me off aside from being OP is that he’s so ugly I get annoyed seeing his photo when they choose him.



then don’t play :slight_smile:


He should be just redesigned for a less uglier look.