Slim Is Boring Now, Here Is An Idea For A Spore Launcher Return

Bring back the sexy Spore Launcher, have it visually work the same, except instead of making hunters invisible, teammates in the spore cloud receive 20% - 35% more healing from Slim’s Heal Burst. Or have it counter/lower the monster’s armor value by 10%.

It is such a shame to do away with such a sexy weapon model. Please bring it back.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Do you want them to bring back the glorious Spore Launcher weapon? Any suggestions for a new purpose for it?

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Maybe it will come back for slim’s variant.
But i doubt they would roll back on these changes…


I’m going to miss the spores when it hits consoles. I don’t see why people couldn’t just toughen up and endure them. They were supposed to be annoying. That’s the whole point.


I think it was less about that and more because they were either:

A) useless for monsters who could see through them.
B) devastating for monsters who can’t track their targets.

How do you balance an ability that is both useless against some opponents and game-changing against others?

His self-heal thing also means he’s not as dependent on a defensive support to be viable i.e. the offensive medic can actually be used in a damage comp.


The problem with spore cloud was never that it was hard for the monster, it was just utterly useless for the hunter.
-Monster never needed just name alone to identify the characters. You also have player model and obvious gun effects.
-The radius was so small that any monster aoe could hit almost any hunter standing in it.
-Any moment spend shooting useless bubbles on the ground is not spend on shooting the monster (thus healing)

So it’s great that spores got removed on behalf of slim players, not monster players.
Same deal with buckets removed head-abilty that also would have been pretty useless if it was still in stage 2.

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I would like to see the Slim variant use the assets for the spore launcher in some way, same to see them go to waste. Just not as a spore cloud.

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instead of making the hunters name invisible it should just work like a flash bang so the monsters screen becomes blurry for a short amount of time. The spore gun should also be a one time thing like the sniper in Star Wars battlefront, you shoot it then switch back to your primary while it recharges.

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On a upcoming Slim Adaptation, (If it’s coming, I dunno) sure. But on default Slim, it just wasn’t good. That’s why it got changed to Mutated Adrenal Gland anyways.

Oh no, a spore gun thread. Just waiting for people (shredder) to come in and start pitchforking. But anyway, I like his new ability. The problem with spores is it effected people differently so some it worked great others not so much. I loved them but unless they revert them back to legacy and the old animation then I wouldnt want them back.

Slim was also boring when he had useless spore gun, so there is no big difference.

That’s an easy fix. Make it more obscuring, increase the radius and time.