Slim Ideas: Replace Slim's spore cloud with a personal shield


Slim Ideas: Replace Slim’s spore cloud with a personal shield.
Slim is my favorite character to play with. That being said I am a frequent Slim player who believes Slim should be buffed in one way or another. After reading a few comments about Slim I now believe that the best way to do this is to replace his spore cloud with a personal shield similar to the assault class’ personal shield.
The first reason why I believe this, is because if a monster attacks Slim, there is nothing he can do except jet pack away until it runs out of fuel. Second reason is since monster players do not like Slim’s spore cloud. Third, since Lazarus has the support class’ cloaking field, why can’t Slim have the assault’s class personal shield. Fourth, since Slim is a mid-ranged medic, he needs to be close to the monster which makes the monster easily capable of getting to him. Finally, Slim has been nerfed enough, and I believe this will be a nice balanced buff for Slim.
Proof of Slim’s uselessness when being attacked is a video of me being attacked by a stage 1 and later a stage 2 Goliath in the same game. Video of Slim being incapacitated multiple times.Before I end I want to say I have nothing against the spore cloud. Maybe we can see the spore cloud return in the new support character.


Here is the video -


Here’s why it is a bad idea.
Laz has the cloak because of his job, he has a silenced weapon and needs to be stealthy. Although Slim needs to be tanky, a personal shield would make him an assault that can heal. Laz uses his cloak as a way to hide and then revive teammates, a personal shield is just that, personal. It doesn’t benefit the rest of the team in any way (which is what a medic needs to do)
Look at all the medics’ non healing abilities. Val has a tranq that slows the monster, Laz cloaks so that he can revive teammates, Caira speeds up the team, Slim cancels out the monster’s smelling, and EMET brings back dead hunters much faster. Slim having a personal shield doesn’t benefit anyone, it just prolongs the inevitable.
Plus, I’ve heard Slim’s gun will be going full auto in the next patch.
Also your video, yeah not a great example. Didn’t use a spore, you didn’t attempt to jetpack, and your teammates weren’t able to help you.
That was 1 very bad example to try and prove a point, sorry.


Yeah, I’m sorry but the video is an awful example.
Danny_Dynasty is a pretty good Monster player. You were in a group of pubs, your Assault and your Support were bots. You, as the Medic, chased right after the Monster, got up in his face while the rest of the team was much farther off.
Slim needs to be in the middle of the team, not the closest to the Monster. You wohldve died with any Medic doing that, your fate was sealed when you got pounced like that but kept fighting him like an Assault. And it’s funny because you chased him like an Assault, and want a personal shield on a Medic. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think his spore cloud just needs a little tweaking, not sure in what way but it doesn’t need to be removed from his kit. Giving slim a personal shield just wouldn’t fit in with the medic class. Just my opinion.

Also, I highly doubt trs would just completely change what kit a character has, no matter how unbalanced it is. :wink:


I agree, I think that the best we can hope for is a reworking of the ability. Maybe when Slim and the Monstee are in Spores, his heal burst should be stronger.


Spore Cloud Launcher is actually really good. From a monsters PoV it is quite confusing as to what is what lol.


The thing about it though, is that it’s completely dependent on Monster skill; I can see fine through the spores, I watch for specific Hunter body shapes, the tools they are using, and it hardly impedes me. ( granted I play in a TV, not a computer monitor, and I sometimes sit pretty close to it lol) Some Monsters do have a lot of trouble with it, but some people have no trouble with it so it’s unreliable.


That would be pretty cool. Gives you more of a reason to use the spore launcher.

I do think the automatic leach gun will make a bit of a difference though. He may not need any more changes after this. :smile:


I really hope so!!!


Very well, how about the spores grant Slim a temporary damage resistance. 10% of course (not like this is a good idea but hey, better than nothing).


As you say, it is better against those with smaller screens and newer players (those who don’t play monster much too). Once you’re used to it, it can lose a lot of its effectiveness.


I thought about that too, I like the idea but I worry that even a slight damage resistance could be to strong in stopping burst damage; if he gained damage resistance in the spores, shields would help Slim out a ton, and then the Damage Resistance perk would be way strong. (Unless they didn’t stack.)


I wouldnt believe allowing them to stack would be smart :stuck_out_tongue:

How about spore increase capacity and fire rate slightly, allowing for more heal bursts. Buuuuuuut, how about those bursts heal less, and increase reload time for the next clip to increase by 15%?

waits for applause for being smart jk


But is the issue that the sore clouds need additional status effects or functionality besides the ones it’s intended to do

Or that the spore clouds simply do not do the job that they are supposed to

I think it’s the latter


I guess at the end of the hunt (see what I did there? No? K…) @RickSanchez is right. Slim’s Spore Cloud Launcher only works against unskilled monster players. At least Slim is getting buffs soon!


That sounds like too much going on to me. Also hos healburst doesn’t heal teammates much let alone himself, so reducing that would be devastating to him. I loke the idea of having more healbursts though.

Maybe when the monster is in the cloud the pellets travelling back to you from shooting your leech gun move faster? This would mean you get your healbursts sooner.

Or overlapping spore clouds obscures the monsters vision slightly?

Edit: Just a few ideas. Not sure how they would turn out.


This was actually an idea I had for a Slim adaptation. Then imI learned they would only tweak abilities, not change them.

My original design was a completely combat oriented Slim. Soldier or Combat Slim would be his name.

Replace spore with pers. shield
200% damage
80% self heal
65% team heal(burst only)
Drone is now a ranged burst healer in a sense. Slim sends drone to teammate and it heals for 600 hp immediately and then self destructs, it has a 10 sec cooldown however

Numbers are obviously estimates but you get the point


Multiple successful spores obscuring monster vision slighly doesn’t sound to bad. However, Slim needs to focus on Leech Gun, not Spore Cloud Launcher, so this might affect healing output if people get too caught up in it. Not a bad idea, though.


I wouldn’t say only this either. I’ve never played on a computer monitor, I imagine a smaller screen, lower graphics settings, and personal eyesight all have different effects on how individuals view the Spores. My TV isn’t huge (it’s 32 inches, so it’s big but not gigantic) but I’ve got no trouble with Spores. I can’t imagine playing Evolve on like a 60 inch television, spores would never bother you lol.
I’m curious now about PC graphic settings. I wonder if having them low effects how well you can see through Spores, and I wonder if having them on low makes it easier or harder.