Slim: I have no idea what the Spore Cloud (bug?) does anymore?

Slim used to be my favorite Medic right after Lazarus. Quite literally the most annoying bugger in the game, maybe sharing a spot with my other favorite hunter Sunny. The Spore Cloud removed the monsters ability to smell the hunters and removed the outlines so it was pretty darn hard to focus someone.

Yet right now when you shoot the thing in an entire area I asked a lot of monsters who said that they can STILL smell and spot hunters. So how exactly does this mechanic work? Right now when I make a small mushroom cloud area, people are still standing inside and around the spore clouds WHILE the monster is inside of one… the monster can still smell and find people. So what exactly does it do? And is it working correctly?

it’s next to useless, just like Cabot.

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I think @10shredder00 might know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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As a matter of fact…

######I do.


Spore cloud prevents monsters from smelling hunters from a certain distance, I don’t remember exact numbers but to give you a rough image lets say monster cannot smell hunters out of the cloud radius but still can smell hunters that are still in it.
Slim all around is in a pretty bad place try to avoid him.

Oh wauw, that is actually pretty darn bad. Smell is useful when trying to locate the hunters, mostly in vegetated area’s. Sniffing out those players that just dodged during a chaotic fight and now you can still find them…

I mean the old mechanic kinda brakes the fun for some melee monsters, but it worked for his lack of healing. I understand giving the monster like 10 meter smell range (Jack should be easy to smell hehe), but not more then that. I heard monster players say they absolutely ignore it and can still find everyone quite easily.

As Slim what I used to do is shoot a sporecloud at my feet to run in a short circle around the monster to get away, but now that doesn’t do anything anymore it seems…

How from good medic make bad -> remove skill that was useful and reowrk so its bad

I would actually really like a spore cloud system where if the monster and the hunters are inside a spore cloud the monster cannot smell them. Yet if the hunters are outside the cloud and the monster is inside, the monster can smell them, but like a smudge or something. Or a cone towards them. It would be a lot of work, but it would mean more tactical placement of the spore cloud, but still keeping it strong and effective.

Reducing the range is just meh on focus damage. Focus damage meant that you have to spam the cloud to get away which was a good tradeoff with his mediocre healing.

he desperatly needed an adjustment. now it´s useless, but that ability CAN not be fun for both sides and balanced…
it should just remove health bars and be done with it.

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His Spore Cloud is really useless right now, why did they change it?

Looking at some other problems the game had, the old spore cloud was a real fun breaker for most monsters. Frustration increased so they made it less hardcore. Less hardcore without boosting his others skills kinda broke him though.

i thought he was not usefull on high level anyway.

btw wrong thread silver :stuck_out_tongue:

Ye I noticed ^^

Perhaps it is a news for you, but that - as well as invisible Wraith FT3 and other unfun game elements - was one of the top fun-breaking elements of this game. I mean if you tried to play monster, of course.

So, I am not Slim specialist, perhaps he needs some buff as compensation, but I hope Spore Cloud will never appear again in this game in this form as it was pre-Stage 2

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I mostly played hunter, tried monster for a while, but the playerbase was too small (and good) for me to invest in it at the time. Right now I’m not sure if I want to play monster because I still like working together with others a lot more.

Slim + Hank combo in competent hands was virtually unkillable. Just nonsence to play as a monster, unless you were against casuals or poor players.

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well it has to be really really close range smell distance, i hope so. trs do not make things useless. i suppose it does help as being a medic is always further away.

most i did was scaring newbie monsters with the spore cloud, dont think they know what it is but they’ll just avoid it xD

they might think its like cabot’s tag burst xD