Slim Hunter and his healing bursts


People who say Slim needs a buff are seriously mistaken. Just take a look at these videos:

Granted, I’m not the best monster in the world by any means. But, there are multiple times in these videos, where healing burst goes out multiple times in a row. Even when he couldn’t possibly be shooting me. Like when tongue grab just hits, healing burst and as he’s wobbling toward me right after the the pull, healing burst. How is this allowed?

Mad props to the slims I played against. I couldn’t do this. And I really don’t understand how they can either. Is there an exploit that allows multiple healing bursts in a row? Or is something funky happening here?

2.0 SLIM Discussion!

There is an exploit that allows this, but this is legitimate Slim play. Decent stuff, too. In the first two videos, you were using Behemoth, which is the easiest Monster to hit and three shots charges his HB, so he was getting those pretty easily and was able to spam it. As for HB during TG, he saved it for a moment until he took damage instead of using it immediately so he could heal himself a little before shooting again. It’s what I do fighting Bob, as well. Kind of negates that TG combo starter and lets you last slightly longer.

If he has LoS, he’s shooting you, guaranteed. Plus he was always close to you, except for with Kraken, but I didn’t see many bursts in that one at all.


that one with kraken wasn’t quite so bad, but for him to be able to do 3 bursts in a row when I was Behemoth is just wrong. there’s now way he can even shoot that fast or reload that quickly.


With Reload Speed, yes. It’s a pretty quick gun (despite me not liking full-auto) and if he’s a really good Slim, he can do three bursts in two seconds, but that can’t be repeated too often. With Capacity, he can easily get three bursts per clip, and then begin charging for the next one before reload.

It’s funny. His healing is only at Val’s level, but it’s more consistent.

As for dealing with him, try either downing him first or isolating him so he can’t hit you.

Also, he slaughters Behemoth, so that’s part of the reason he can do it so much. He has a lot of trouble with Wraith and Kraken.


Hold up. Why have a thread for this AND have it in the Slim thread?


these videos make me want to be buried in cement. Damn bug turd.


for more publicity on what I find to be a huge issue with the game. The healing bursts that he puts out are just wrong, and to penalize someone so harshly by choice of monster because he’s easier to hit which means a hunter is now invulnerable? that shouldn’t be allowed. There was nothing I could do to that slim to down him. Only because I chose to play Behemoth because I’m tired of s****** laz players.


Make a thread OR keep it in another post. Not both. That’s spamming, so try not to do it. Everyone sees a topic, so it doesn’t get more public than that. Most people seem to be fine with his healing, though. Not a huge issue.

Slim is the easiest Medic to shut down. Any kind of tumble or knockback completely stops him shooting, which means every one of Behemoth’s abilities stops his healing entirely. He’s also the Hunter with the worst self-sustain because of this.

Hard focus on Slim will almost always kill him. Rock Wall him in and combo him to death. Pounce if you need to.

Also, he’s not the bane of Behemoth specifically, but the nature of Bob and the Leech Gun makes him the easiest to hit. He’s simply the largest, and size is the biggest factor, which is why Goliath also gets it, while Wraith and Gorgon are generally fine.


There are ways to beat slim. That means you cannot play against them like Val.


I think I’d have to agree. I use Slim more than anyone and the only time I have a hard time with him is if we’re against Kraken or sometime Wraith. Other than that he’s pretty well balanced as-is.


When you’re shot by the leech gun there’s a slight delay in the HB being charged. So, it’s possible you got lit up by the leech gun prior to the tongue grab.

Just my guess. Although, the charges shouldn’t roll over…


Exactly, and at one point in one of those videos, he literally does 3 healing bursts in a row. multiple times he does two in a row. How is there enough shots or reload time to keep up?


That’s interesting. I can’t say I’ve been able to pull that off. I couldn’t seem to get those videos to work (just an error message). Was it the same player? Maybe they know a glitch? Although I feel like that’d be all over these forums.


Woah woah woah. As a Slim main, I am offended by your suggested “consistent healing” against an evasive Kraken cunt or Wraith player. I’ll take Val against such Monsters anytime, anywhere.


Look man, I don’t know what you want to hear.

Slim’s just got great healing potential against slower Monsters like Goliath and Behemoth.
It’s always been like this and I’ve always thought that Slim needs more consistency.

Try him against a solid Wraith or Kraken player. It blows man, it really blows.

But the only thing I can really say is that what you’ve shown in the videos doesn’t look out of place to me.


This is how skilled slim look like

This is how it supposed to be . It’s not bug / glitch


Doesn’t matter what medic you choose versus the mighty Kraken hell you could have 2 medics and I bet Kraken would still win more than lose!

Sad state of affairs that still TRS haven’t rolled out a hot fix for this OP monster,I’d say even worse than launch Wraith,at least you could damage her and her HP were more forgiving! Kraken just no! big HP can mitigate pretty much every engagement and deal the most burst damage and has AOD with the banshee mines.GG TRS good job!


Tough break man, that’d make me want to step away from playing monster. Almost feels like they had the megamouth buff or something.

If he can take this thread as a compliment, maybe @KaptinSkorge would like to give some insight in to what was going on and maybe even give you some tips on how to help against that kind of Slim play?


I can usually pop off the with capacity increase. 4 if I use it before I start firing.


I tend to agree. Any person who can play Slim decently can blind you while playing God with his heals.

He is a harder medic but God damn does he need to be toned down. I hate literally everything about Slim, his spores primarily but I hate his heals more than any other medic.