I keep running into this exact same setup a ridiculous amount of times, and I’m seeing why everyone picks it. I literally cannot get passed the horrible sporecloud and by the time I finally break through the CC spam, I find myself facing either an Orbital Barrage or a shield; all the while trying to get away from Lennox.

What is this team’s weakness?

Mind you, I like to play Gorgon and Behemoth.


You picked the worst Monsters for this comp. That’s the only problem I see to be honest.

How much does the Spore Cloud effect you? Can you not see at all?


Kraken… N’uff said


As Gorgon u must be pretty fast if u play against slim ^^


Wraith helps against this comp. you can hit lenny a lot and warping out of sporeclouds is easier as wraith.


I can’t really speak for Gorgon tactics since I know you’re much better at the cunt than I am, but I do know that as a Slim player, the most annoying and difficult-to-outheal playstyle for a “spread damage” kind of Monster like Gorgon would be to constantly attack the 1 teammate that is furthest away or better yet, out of LoS.
Slim’s healing output can be turned into absolute trash by properly avoiding him, and the skill cap there lies in being able to do just that while still playing offensively enough to wear them down.

Oh and Wasteland Maggie is just bullshit. Screw anyone using her against a Goliath or Gorgon.


Wasteland is in such a joke state right now and slims ridiculous spore clouds just ruin some peoples games. Hank is solid as a rock and most, if not all, assaults will work just fine here. People gravitate to the easy win unfortunately


I’m pretty much blind =/


I’m gonna have to agree with this as it’s definitely easier to perceive the battlefield through what little spores you will actually be hit with or stay in for more than 2 seconds.
So long as you’re not on the ground for more than like 5 seconds than a smart Hank won’t get that good orbital moment.
You’ll be making Lenny’s job 4 times harder than before if you know how to stay up in the air properly.
With Wasteland around, you’ll be dealing with DoT no matter what, and harpoons aren’t exactly gonna pull you outta the sky because the kraken has those destroyed almost immediately when they want to.
So overall you’re giving Slim and Lenny a hard target, so less damage, less healing, less sporing, almost no orbitals, and harpoons won’t be much of an issue. If anything you’ll come to a halt for a second or two.


Kraken is the counter to Slim. If they were running Parnell, it would have been worse for you. I’ve been having more of an issue with Parnell then any other Assault.

Slim and Hank together is a pretty powerful combo. It is really hard to out damage Slim’s healing when he is right next to you shooting and healing. It is also really hard to burn through Hank’s shields; so you have to choose your poison. If you can’t separate Hank from Slim it will be a rough fight.


I’m running into a similar comp tho sometimes I see lazarus instead of slim and/or kala instead of hank. For your problem I would suggest finding a cave or something to limit the amount of space they can move around you and killing not just incapping the trapper or at least daisy this way you can get some distance and maybe lose them for a minute or two. A big problem is slim since as long as he can continue shooting you, you will never kill anyone on the team. If you can’t get a good spot to fight the team, your best bet is to down hank since he can’t shield himself you might be able to outdo slims healing and get a strike on him at least. And while you should definitely focus hank or trapper as much as you can do not, I repeat, DO NOT ignore lennox. Letting her get in a few good whacks with her plasma lance is a good way to lose health so make sure you stop her combo every couple of seconds since you have already started suffering just from being unable to see very well and having to fight shields. Teams like this make me question why the hunters are so strong compared to monsters. But honestly I think the biggest problem is that the hunters can keep up with the monster so well and they also brought the crutch known as maggie so there is no hope of having breathing room for long


this isn’t an answer but I thought instead of lennox people would pick hyde due to his easyness and stuff


Hyde is only better if you have no clue what Monster you’re gonna face.

Though it’s not my personal preference and I’d rather pick Torvald against Gorgon, I can definitely see why Lennox might be deemed more effective than Hyde by the OP.
Mostly because the Hunter comp is one that constantly demands the Monster’s attention making it impossible to actually properly stay on target.

Slim has the highest healing potential in the game. In the most optimal situation for Slim players, it’ll take forever for you to get any Hunter down before Slim goes down.

However, that doesn’t mean focusing Slim is the answer. Why? Hank. Hank, especially with Reload or Capacity, makes it so that it’ll take forever for you to get any Hunter down before Hank goes down.
See the conflict here?

Now add Wasteland Maggie. Her Harpoon Traps are so bloody frequent and so… well, impossible to really counter or avoid thanks to their insane range, that they too will require attention from the Monster. In the form of wasting a melee attack and a traversal every few seconds.

And finally add Lennox. Hyde would’ve been a safe pick too but he only forces the Monster out of an area once in a while with the Toxic Grenade.
Lennox however, just like Wasteland Maggie, constantly demands focus from the Monster everytime she reaches the maximum multiplier, unless you enjoy having your health bar shredded during the long time it takes to get someone down in this comp.

In short, there’s never really a chance to give someone a strike against this comp if you play the “right” way of constantly snagging Harpoon Trap cables and smacking Lennox once every few seconds.

The only way to actually even make any progress is to, at some point, ignore Lennox entirely and I’m sure you understand just how fucked up that really is.

Btw I personally think Wasteland Maggie is the problem in this comp, not Lennox. Lennox is already bad enough as it is against 90% of Monster players.


…aaaand how to change monster once you see this comp ? *khem … disconnect ? :no_mouth:


that is true lennox can be a big threat with that combo and slim and hank together can be hard to beat especially if you are taking lots of damage and getting snared all the time


sigsh. Satan’s comp, I see that this is now a problem again now that Slim is good again. This is a very tough team for me to break as not only do I have to get through the blinding spores, but I have to deal with the shields too. Not to mention the unbreaker harpoons and the ridiculous DOT that Wasteland does.

With Lennox in the equation you really can’t focus anybody down.

Sad day to be monster if you meet up with these four.


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