Slim. Halp meh plox


Okaaaay…I know I’ve made a lot of threads begging for help but seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:

Every other character, I’ve been able to grow proficient at with gameplay and bare application of intelligence. :wink: It takes a game or two to work out the kinks and then it’s just developing the more advanced skills and it all just fits together beautifully. Slim? Lolnope. He’s so…jarring. I’m pretty solid with all Medics but Slim is just different. I can’t figure him out. How do people know exactly where to be to use the Leecher at its best with no effort? How do you know when to spore, Leech, when to send out a drone? How the hell do you heal when being pounded on by a giant monster?!

So I’m looking for the basic Slim pointers here. I am a pleb. Halp plox. Any and all tips are appreciated, thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


You wanna find spots that the Monster won’t really notice and fight there, I try and find objects to hide behind where it’s tricky for the Monster to see me without his smell. So for example, on Refueling Tower, on a relay fight, I’ll fight around that tipped over car right in the middle and as soon as the Monster sees me I’ll back up just a little bit.

You don’t, you gotta escape using your spore clouds. You can heal your team with the drone. Run around buildings, break line of sight then hide in a bush until the Monster loses focus, then go back to using the leech gun. If you have jetpack, it usually works to just go straight up since generally speaking the Monster will have a harder time tracking you.


Calling @ZeroClarity because he’s a wonderful Slim and can probably assist.


I might do the same. I usually don’t play medic, but his playstyle seems fun. I usually stick to assault, so I’m slightly interested in him. Mostly since he has to attack to heal. O.o


He’s my favourite Medic to play, just since you can mess with the Monster so much with the spore clouds. He’s definitely worth a try if you main Assault.


Ah ha. So essentially using the Spore Clouds and map geometry to your advantage? Cool, thanks. Will bear it in mind. :smiley:

You guys smacked me with him playing Slim. :stuck_out_tongue: It was blinding.


I love Slim, he’s extremely fun
Like Lazarus, as fun as the two are, I just cannot utilize their playstyle fully. I’ll stick to Caira and Val when I play Medic.


Pretty much. I like having Hyde or Abe on my team just since the Flamethrower, Toxic Grenades and Stasis Grenades take up so much of the Monster’s screen.


I like having a Hyde on the team because Hyde-
slaps hand


Slim is kinda like Laz in the sense that he really shines when your team works together and can manage their jetpack (isn’t that the case with all medics?). Prioritize spore clouds to disorient the Monster, throw your healing drone on people that aren’t being focused, constantly reposition yourself while the Monster can’t rely on their HUD, try to stay at least ~30m away from the Monster (and within that zone for high priority targets) and move in and out when you can heal burst, little things like that. Like all good Medics, situational awareness is really key.

Also, if you’re going to go down, throw your healing drone out towards another downed Hunter or someone else that’s low. Nothing like pulling someone back from the brink of death while you’re technically dead.


For me the first thing is always to make sure to keep everyone topped off before you go into a fight. That can be mildly frustrating when dealing with reaver hugging pubs, but if you can do that you have a less hectic situation to deal with.

Now, as soon as the fight starts you want to make sure your burst is up and ready to go. If this isn’t the case, damage the Monster (or anything nearby in case of extreme distance) to get it. Then you make the choice: Do you scent mask yourself (and preferably another person with you) or do you have a clear shot to hit the Monster directly? This varies from game to game.
Positioning wise I’d highly recommend getting a vertical vantage point. Gamers don’t like to look up so you’re always a little safer than on the ground. Personally, unless I have enough fuel for 3 dashes, I don’t use my jetpack at all until either someone gets knocked away or I need to dodge incoming attacks. Obviously the same priority system applies for the latter as with every other Hunter ->

  • Kraken: Aftershock > Lightning Strike > Vortex > Banshee;
  • Goliath: Rock Throw > Leap Smash > Charge > Firebreath;
  • Wraith: Warp Blast > Abduction > Super Nova > Decoy;
  • Behemoth: Fissure > Tongue Grab > Lava Bomb > Rock Wall.
    The reason for little to no jetpack use is simple: Slim needs to be relatively close to his allies to heal them effectively; as well as close to the Monster. As such you rely on your jetpack to be your plan B in case you or one of your allies get caught out. While it might sound straightforward to preserve fuel, Slim needs to do it in a more extreme fashion, so also no wildlife dodging (4-meats being exceptions), climbing as little as possible, little to no LoS dashes, etc.
    Relative to your team I’d always position myself in the middle of everyone. This way I can get to anyone in trouble with little to no effort as well as giving 3 people to the opportunity to punish the Monster for focusing me. If you hit your shots properly you should be able to get about 2-3 bursts per mag. This makes Slim a lot tankier than he seems. Combine this with the fact that firing your Spore gun in between reloads barely takes any more time than just flat out reloading and you’ll be extremely tedious to deal with for anything that isn’t Kraken. Oh, and as nice bonus: Firing the Spore gun in between reloads means your weapon doesn’t get stuck in reload if you get tumbled mid animation.

That’s about all I can think of for now. I’ll edit it if something else comes to mind.


Step 1: Don’t pick Slim.

There is no step 2.


That’s not useful at all. >:|


deep and edgy


I use slim. My first elite. The leech gun can recharge your healing field in a second if you spam that trigger finger, and use the spore gun to get away. Magician: poof. Gone. And as medic, you should always be looking at teammates health bars; so if one’s low, send the infinite range bug.


You called? :3 People already gave great tips here actually, especially using spore cloud to mask your scent when you get focused and then trying to run away.

The other tips I would give you would be to also spore cloud teammates (such as trapper) when they are getting focused, and try to coordinate the support’s cloak with your spore cloud if you or trapper are getting close to death and aren’t able to evade the monster.

Also, if you are getting focused and don’t have the option of escaping (in an open area or support’s cloak is recharging), the best thing I can tell you to do is run toward your assault. If you can kite him around, the assault will be able to punish the monster and hopefully tank an ability or two for you with his shield. I’ve even confused the monster doing this, they get distracted by the assault in their face.

Beyond that, just remember to always utilize healing bugs when you get the chance and always spam healing burst if anyone is missing health.


One more thing actually: slim’s leech gun is more accurate than most people think. You don’t need to be in melee range of the monster, it’s often better to sit a little bit back by something you can use to hide behind or climb.

Just play around with him and figure out how far away you can be while still landing all of your shots. His play style is completely different, so it just takes some getting used to really :slight_smile:


I feel that the stronger Slim players will gravitate to using Spore Gun and the Healing bug more often and being point man by calling people in and out of the fight. I feel the leech gun usually puts the medic in harm’s way and doesn’t have the payoff for the risk.


Some monster players aren’t so much affected by the spore cloud when they’re focused on a target so slim would need to grab some agro, and it would also depend on the team comp against what monster.


Thats why the support and trapper should be doing their job. CCing the monster to allow the injured person to get away and/or cloak. Heck, even an assault can dive in front of the monster to take some of the hits.