Slim defense vs monster


So I’ve gotten elite Slim now with virtually no solo grind. So playing against competent monsters with him is nothing new. However, as of late monsters have been kicking my trash. I’ve tried jet pack, reload, and quick switch perks to no avail. Also, spore cloud doesn’t seem to be enough. How can Slim defend against a competent monster that won’t back off?


Slim has to rely on his team, specifically Trapper and Support, to keep him from getting focused so he can keep his healing up.

In other words, teamwork is the only way to stay alive with Slim. I mean, dodging is essential, and can make up for some lack of teamwork, but he’s a very strong team player, so that’s how he has to function against equal or higher skilled Monsters.


Dang, I guess I may need to play with abother medic :stuck_out_tongue: I feel like solid team players can be hard to come by.


Not really. These forums are an excellent way to meet people to play with.

Besides, you don’t need a full team, just make sure that you mind where everyone is and can escape to Trapper or Assault when you need to.


That makes sense. So what do you think of damage resist or health regen? Personally I like reload and q.s.


Try capacity perk … just use leech gun and dodge

In pubs … You don’t need a team work unless if the monster is mitigating well or he is really good

I play with a bad uncoordinated team but I pub stomp monsters that I couldn’t do unless if I use slim . I am talking about lvl40 stage 3 monster that is focusing me the whole game . Just try to be accurate with his shots .

In ranked … you need a teamwork … Slim & Hank works pretty well . very good comb

Slim is the most powerful medic if used correctly . S


I agree. I think he is widely underrated since most people just don’t get how to use them. I have yet to try capacity. The only reason being the leech gun is the only thing to benefit from it.


Damage resist is a pretty good perk, and regen is great for when the Monster pulls hit-and-run tactics and you can’t effectively heal yourself.

I am torn between QS and reload, though.


Slim is underrated because all is fine and dandy in the world of Slim until you’re up against a Kraken or Wraith, then he starts falling apart rather quickly.

The whole concept of an evasive/distant, smaller target Monster goes completely against Slim’s playstyle and will whoop yo’ass most of the time.

As for Slim’s Spore Clouds, the best you can do is learn to predict the Monster. This is a skill vital to Medics who want to stay alive and is even more vital to playing Slim.
You’ll eventually start to keep track of the Monster’s different cooldowns. Leap Smash coming? It’s best to quickly shoot a Spore Cloud at your feet and then disappear behind a corner instead of waiting for the Leap Smash and then being forced to dodge it.

You must pay careful attention to the Monster with Slim and realize what’s going to happen next. Slim is the Medic who must constantly switch from an offensive role to keep a really good healing output going to a defensive role where it would take the Monster too much time and health to find Slim.

90% of the time someone feels like Spore Clouds aren’t doing enough, it means he/she used them too late.
If you shoot a Spore Cloud while already being mauled by the Monster, it’s not gonna help you one bit.


Like mentioned before- Try capacity. IMO its the better perk. With capacity and perfect aiming, you can easily pop off as many as 4 heal bursts with a single magazine, the initial burst, then 3 recharges with the following 9 shots, leaving you 2 to nearly charge your next burst- which youll have with your first shot on the next go. Or you can use those 2 to help cover some fudge-ups. Do it right, and do it fast, and thats half your life back in a moment.

Dont get me wrong- he IS still focus bait. Getting juggled, tumbled, and focused- Trying to run away from the monster, while maintaining LoS. Its difficult.


I’ve never had any more troubles with Slim that I haven’t had with other Medics, they will always a bulls-eye on them from a half decent Monster. Slim has a huge radius on his heal burst so you don’t need to stay up close and when a monster even looks at you funny run. Then just spam that leech gun to keep the burst charged. Also use the spore before the Monster sees you, not after you have been picked out of the crowd.


I like what you’re saying about the spore cloud. And I’ll have to give capacity a shot!


I’m liking the comments I’m reading, now I know why I’m such a bad slim player


Capacity has definitely been the best choice after all. Paired with spore cloud it’s awesome. Any games I’ve lost recently were by a small margin and was usually do to a mistake by the very last living player once I’ve been killed first as the primary target. So, great matches. Thanks for the capacity idea @sidewaysgts


Gonna go out an be the one not following the crowd but I’d think Movement speed is not bad on slim yes other perks seem like the obvious choice, but I’d can’t count on the amount of times I’d have to close the distance to a teammate getting pushed or kiting away from me and ask for a bug that wouldn’t do much. I’d use less jet pack reaching the targeted player, I’d don’t dodge much but I’d seem to last long enough for my team to do massives amounts of damage before I’d go down. Quick switch was nice when you could tell when to shoot your spores, but now you can barely tell when to shoot another one as the effect is deceiving.


Most of the perks seem to work well on Medics, with damage increase being the one that makes absolute zero sense. Now if it was changed to where the damage perk actually boosted the healing rate of the Medgun, healing grenades, bugs and buoys it would make more sense on a medic, but as is you shouldn’t need your Medic being a heavy damage dealer. I personally like Jetpack recharge on Medics for all those times the Monster targets me.


I would agree with you, but when your being Soft CC’d tumbled jetpack, doesn’t work that well. For me anyways.


I like jet pack for trapper at times and for some medics. I’ve never liked movement speed though since it doesn’t seem like much of an improvement to me. And for Slim, extra mobility isn’t that great since the second you start to flee the monster you ability to heal is virtually nonexistent.


In the dome yeah jetpack is better for more dodges but I’d never said anywhere, where I’d use movement speed to flee at all.