Slim changes in 8.0.0 discussion


I haven’t yet completed the download but as a medic main I’m just wondering what you guys think about the changes made to Slim. I used to main him before he was made unviable and I’m extremely excited about what I’ve heard about his buffs.

What’s your opinion?
Is he more viable?


We already had this discussion on the Evolve Discord Server.

But I think he is in a good stage now.


Have you even played Slim after the update?

The bpm don’t matter (much), it’s the duration on the healing burst that matters. Since they removed it, he gets healing bursts much quicker. Even more so when you shoot at a longer distance. You didn’t shoot at 240 bpm at a Kraken or something more than ~30 meters away anyway.
And up close, right in the monsters face, they had to reduce the bpm. Before, you wasted every 4th to 5th shot because of the healburst duration, so actually you had only ~190bpm. Without wasting any shots now, but shooting at 210bpm, it’s still more than before.

No. Just… no.
He still has his weaknesses, but there was definitely improvement for him in this update.

I still won’t use him in tournaments, but at least I feel he’s viable in pubs again :smile:


I mained Slim for a very long time until his healing became problematic compared to his other counterparts. I’ve played him very infrequently since. I’m exited to give him another go and see where his healing falls now.


Slim feels a lot better. Tested him last night against Behemoth to see how the heal burst is when you land all of your shots and you can get roughly 3 heal bursts from 8 shots.


Great, his healing was upped a little bit.

The actual reason why Slim isn’t considered viable has had no improvement and as such I see no reason to suddenly assume Slim is in a good spot right now.

Hard-focusing Slim cripples his healing output immensely and the Spore Clouds still offer practically no defense when he needs it.

I hate putting it like this, but an improved healing output means nothing to a Medic that spends 75% of the match either on the floor holding a pistol or spectating the match waiting for the dropship timer to end.

The only possible slightly positive nudge he might’ve received this patch is that he can perhaps achieve this healing output at a safer distance.
Ever since Slim’s Leech Gun accuracy turned dynamic, he’s been able to deliver a much lower, but safer healing output.

The thing is - if you want to be safe and do consistent healing, Val, Rogue Val, Caira and even EMET would’ve all been better picks.
Simply put, Slim was viable at his release because his playstyle involved being in the Monster’s face while having the tools to escape as well with good timing.
The latter has been crippled severely while the former is still the playstyle you’re supposed to adapt - which obviously gets you killed rather fast nowadays.


For clearness reasons :stuck_out_tongue: it’s not me who wrote this.


I played him a lot last night against decent and good monsters and I think he’s very viable (except against a good kraken). You still need to run Hank or sunny w him because he still can’t take the hard focus. His auto fire helped his button spammy-ness and that delay on heal burst is a huge plus. If I were a betting man I’d say that will get a nerf in the future.


Both avatars have red/violet hair tho :sweat_smile:


A LOT better…ofc Slim feels good with BOB. He is the biggest monster to hit.

Try with a good kraken or wraith, which also get rid of his spores…you’ll see how good he is xD.


I think he is now incredible. As long as you can aim, dodge and put your self with a reliable support he is pretty badass.


Anyway, Slim’s main issue is the spore ability. I think spores needs a rework, because good / high skilled monster players learned how to easily get rid of it.

So on competitions he is a medic with -1 ability than others besides, average / low monster players hate him because it creates confusion during the fight and makes him an anti-fun character.


That buff, removing the half a second cool down was so helpful! Now they just need to rework the spores and maybe a small self heal? lol like 10 more.


Self heal is still very much underwhelming. Other than that, he’s in a good spot. I have always thought his spores were hit-or-miss, so that still hasn’t changed.

Love the HB change. Makes healing a bit faster, but hate full-auto. I can feel how much slower it is.

He does still struggle for healz against Wraith, though.


His spores are useless now its just a transparent green bubble I’ve used it on monster players thinking they can’t see me but they still can and they won’t stop focusing me. I honestly think his spores should be back to the way it was when it actually confused the monster for a brief moment and got his focus away from slim