Slim Bug Targeting Bugged


While playing Rescue last night I kept getting really frustrated because Slim’s bug targeting doesn’t seem to work when people are down. It will still send out and heal them, and indicate that they are being healed, but the little triangle that says “go to this person” doesn’t show up and it got really annoying when it kept going to the person with full health instead of the person who needed to be revived.

It would even fairly frequently go to Hank far to my left with full health even when I had my cross-hairs dead center on the survivor.

@MajorLeeHyper @MrStrategio


So Slim- who is a bug- has, in his kit, a bug- that’s also a bug- that is bugged?

Interesting. :slight_smile:


yeah, this is why i posted about these bugs in the bugs topic. it seemed appropriate. :smile:


Could you please link me a video. I just tried this and it was rather accurate.


I can vouch for this issue, too. Last night I was doing the same thing to a down comrade and I couldn’t tell if I was sending the drone to them or not. It worked, but the little green visual aid didn’t show up like it normally does above the hunter.


I’ll make one when i get home from work tonight and link it.


I can probably make a video right now since I’m farming his rank 2 spore cloud mastery and every time I’ve sent the drone to a downed person the triangle never shows up :confused:


Spore mastery is bad… Real real bad…


Tell me about it lol. You have to go up against Behemoth just to have a chance


against bot behemoth is still awful… even on defend… actually hunt might be better to prevent him from leaving…

tier 3 will be hard too, something like “hit monster with spore grenade, then revive someone 50 times” :cry:


I’m hoping that last one gets dumbed down within the next week or so :wink:


Here’s a video, I throw the healing drone at 0:11 and the triangle doesn’t show my intended target and then you don’t even see a ‘+ symbol’ showing that it’s reviving… but the incapped hunter’s health is going up and he gets revived.

I had to switch to Abe because the fool was about to steal my drone revive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, how the hell do you embed a video? lol. I’ve googled it, but I’m still lost on where to find the information for the code…


^^ but this is a major problem because in the heat of battle it’s difficult to tell whether the drone is reviving or if the monster hit the drone off the downed hunter


I’m getting the 50 healing drone revives on teammates right now. You can get these in Rescue by reviving the survivors, so it’s pretty easy


I can also vouch for this… trying to get my 3rd star for the bug drone, grinding it on solo rescue but only getting like 1-2 a match… It seems the little bastard ALWAYS goes for my support, who beelines for the survivors and steal the revives, even if he is barely seen at the corner of my vision… Got to say it’s frustrating beyond belief…

It’s almost by pure luck that the drone even goes for downed teammates if somebody else (even with full health) jumps around your field of vision


You have to be within 100m to target the KO’d survivors with the drone - which means for the ‘heal someone from over 100m’ or whatever, you need to target them then back up.


mhm, was just talking about the targeting in general. I don’t have any problems with how the masteries work (except maybe spore cloud…)


Yeah, the spore cloud mastery is a serious pain, but I was responding to DrogothWraith’s post about the drone mastery (sometimes the ‘reply’ thing doesn’t show up). In general in order to target the Healing Drone you need to be within 100m and hold the button down until you’re targeting who you want, and it seems to prioritize closer Hunters over secondary characters if they are on top of each other. I dunno if it’s a bug, if this was on purpose, or it’s just not very precise.


I’ve finally got the Elite Slim!

On downed targets it’s quite a pain if the intended target is further than 60m sometimes, my case it always heads towards the others beside me. :confused:
Bu~~t I’m finally done with Slim grinding

btw If your still on to that, it appears that because of a bug (ironically) it also counts other wildlife, from what I’ve heard. Other way to solo would be choosing Kraken on rescue, since he beelines towards them. Then put on infinite strikes, survivors too benefits from it. Then just let him kill them and fill his arse with spore clouds, worked for me at least